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The cactus has spiny leaves so the water that it retains can't evaporate so easily, and for protection.
The cactus has spiny leaves so the water that it retains can't evaporate so easily, and for protection.

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Why do cactus have spiny leaves?

a cactus has spiny leaves for protection and so the water wont evaporate so easily.

What plant has spiny leaves?

Acanthus and cactus but cactus not really leafy :)

Why do desert plants have long and spiny leaves?

Agaves have long, spiny leaves.

How do spiny leaves help a cactus survive in the dessert?

They reduce transpiration due to their small surface area to volume ratio they reflect sunlight they deter hebroduce

What ecosystem do plants have wide spreading roots spiny leaves?

Desert ecosystem have plants with wide spreading roots and spiny leaves.

Where do cactus wrens live in the desert?

Cactus wrens usually nest in the cholla cactus. This very spiny cactus provides protection for their eggs and young from predators such as snakes.

What is the desert plant of the US and Mexico that transforms from spiny dry sticks to a mass of small leaves and scarlet flowers following the rainy season?

The Golden Barrel Cactus or Biznaga (Echinocactus).

The cactus plant in desert has spiny leavesHow does photosynthesis take place in this plants?

Chloroplast are in the trunk.Thats why it has a green trunk

Why does a cactus have spiny leaves?

It is an adaptation and a form of leaves, except that they are spines. It is either for protection from animals sucking its internal "juice", or it is for preventing dessication (drying out).

Is the Spiny Desert the largest desert in Madagascar?

Yes, the Spiny Desert is the largest in Madagascar,

How does the cactus make food without leaves?

Energizing food for the cactus is made in the steminstead of the leaves. Plants make foods from the photosynthetic interaction of water and dissolved nutrients with sunlight. For many plants, that interaction takes place in the leaves. But a cactus plant doesn't have a large enough surface for the interaction to take place in their spiny equivalents of leaves.

In what desert do you find spiny mice?

Spiny mice are primarily from the Sahara Desert.

What might be two reasons that a cactus has spiny leaves?

it needs it to pretect its self from bugs and so water doesnt easily evaporate

Is the century plant an aquatic plant?

No. Actually, it is a desert plant. It is a type of spiny agave cactus that seldom flowers. That's where the name comes from.

What is the name of a spiny cactus?

prickly pear

What spiny shrub begins with c?


What are four adaptations of desert plants?

Desert plants have several adaptations to help them survive. They are succulent, have drought tolerance, drought avoidance, and spiny pokers.

What is the name of a spiny plant starting with f?

Firecracker Cactus is a cacti species. It is a spiny plant.

Are all cactus spiny?

No, there are some species that have no spines.

What is the scientific name for Desert Spiny Lizard?

Sceloporus magister is the scientific name of the desert Spiny Lizard.

What are the deserts of Madagascar?

The Spiny Forest or Spiny Thickets is the desert of Madagascar.

What are the major deserts of Madagascar?

Madagascar has the Spiny Forest, also called the Spiny Thicket or Spiny Desert.

What are adjectives for cactus?

succulent, spiny, shiny, bulbous, prickly,

What are some of Madagascar's deserts?

The Spiny Desert is Madagascar's desert.

Is there a desert in Madagascar?

yes there is a desert in Madagascar named as Spiny.

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