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neither of them corrodes. Both of them are passivated, in stainless steel it is a film of chromium oxide, in aluminium a film of aluminium oxide.

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Q: How do stainless steel and aluminium react similarly in air?
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Does stainless steel react with brass?

Does stainless steel react with brass?

What is heavier stainless steel or aluminum?

Stainless steel is heavier then aluminium.

What is the best stainless steel cookware?

Stainless steel cookware that is 18/10 stainless steel; has aluminium or copper-coated base; and tri-ply.

Does stainless steel react with copper?

- Stainless steel doesn't react with copper. - Stainless steels doesn't contain copper.

Can you attach stainless steel to aluminium?

we want attach stainless steel plate bottom of pressure cooker

Will stainless steel react with lead Pb?

No reaction between stainless steel and lead.

Does stainless steel corrode quicker than aluminium?


Does gypsum have any other effect on stainless steel?

Gypsum doesn't react with stainless steel.

Which metals oxidize?

Stainless steel, Aluminium, Gold etc

What is the difference between stainless steel and aluminium?

Stainless steel is steel (iron, carbon, and usually manganese) with the addition of at least 11% chromium. Aluminum is aluminum, period.

What is Freezing point liquid to solid of Aluminium and Stainless steel?

Aluminium 5000 liquid 2500 solid

What are the alloys of iron and aluminum?

alloy of aluminium is duralium and alloy of iron is steel or stainless steel

Which metals can be recycled?

stainless steel can, mercury, titanium, Iron, Aluminium

Does stainless steel react to vinegar?


Does stainless steel react when touching brass?


What metals are used in making cooking utensils?

Stainless steel, aluminium, iron

What metals a iPod is made of?

stainless steel, copper, aluminium, gold etc....

What metal is used for rocket ships?

Titanium, aluminium, stainless steel and iron.

Should you roast turkey in cast aluminum or stainless?

The aluminium is WAAAAY better than any stainless steel quality.

What is the reaction if you add Teflon to stainless steel?

The housewives of America will react with gratitude if you do this. Teflon is very inert, as is stainless steel. But adding teflon to a stainless steel pan gives you the advantage of an easy to clean pan with the durability of stainless.

How difference between stainless steel and carbon steel?

carbon steel is iron with "structured" carbon which make iron strong (hard). stainless steel is steel with different percentage contain of aluminium, nickel, chrome... which give the steel different kind of other characteristics including "stainless- the ability of not getting rusted."

What are the compositions of Mexican peso?

Aluminium, copper, zinc and nickel. Some have stainless steel.

How is steel made stainless?

Stainless steel, rather like aluminium, actually has an oxide film on the surface which protects the underlying material against corrosion. Stainless steel (of which there are several grades) use chromium and nickel to achieve their properties. Some alloys also contain Molybdenum.

Is the VIN number on silver plate on fiat seicento sporting?

its aluminium or maybe stainless steel

What is a bike wheel made out of?

Wheel axle usually steel. Hubs are usually aluminium, with steel bearings. Spokes usually stainless steel. Spoke nipples brass. Rim usually aluminium. Rubber tube and tire, with some cloth and steel reinforcements.