How do start to research old stock certificates from 1917?

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You could spend a lot of time researching through databases that track corporate changes and put together what the remnants of your 1917 corporation is. Or you could pay a professional firm to do it, try or

Be careful with some other stock research services that are not members of the Better Business Bureau, have little business experience and claim to be experts in collectible stock and bond certificates. Many of these so called experts have little experience in determining whether your old company stock has real value as a collectible or redeemable security. Always check to see what the Better Business Bureau says about them.
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How do you research old stock certificates?

Here are a number of suggestions from various WikiAnswer contributors: To do this in the most inexpensive manner, you should first check and see if this stock certificate h

Is there any value to the old Daimler Chrysler stock certificates?

You can contact the state that your certificate was incorporated in, each state has a department that handles such things. This site has each state's department contact inform

What is a good website to do research on the stock market?

"There are a number of websites to do research on the stock market including, but not limited to, NasDaq and MarketWatch. I would also recommend the Wall Street Journal webs

Where can someone research stocks online?

There are many online websites where one can research stocks. For example, stockwatch is a very good looking and usefull site where you can watch an research stocks online.
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Where can one read Canadian stock research?

There is a website called TMXmoney and you can find information on all available Canadian stocks. You can get a stock quote from the website simply by entering the stock symbo