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they hunt in the woods to get it

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How does tapirs get its food?

they hunt

When do tapirs eat?

all the time they are foraging for food

Are tapirs vegetarians?

Yes, they eat leaves and fruit. Their favorite food are bananas.

What is a tapirs favourt food?

Fruit, berries and leaves, young tender shoots

What is the tapirs favorite food?

Fruit, berries, leaves and young tender shoots

How did the tapirs become extinct?

Tapirs are threatened, but not extinct.

What does tapirs eat?

a tapirs diet contains fruit

What animal eats tapirs?

Jaguars eat tapirs.

Do tapirs hibernate?

Tapirs do not hibernate. Tapirs are herbivores and live mostly in the lowlands and moist forests. They are an endangered species.

What is a Brazilian Tapirs favorite food?

They typically eat leaves, grass, buds, twigs, and fruit.

What are tapirs young called?

young tapirs are called calves.

Do tapirs have hoofs?

No. Tapirs have three and four-toed feet.

Why do people hunt tapirs?

People hunt tapirs for leather and for their meat.

What is the collective noun for a group of tapirs?

The collective noun is a candle of tapirs.

How do tapirs adapt to the environment?

tapirs are my little ponys with with realatives of elephantas

How old are tapirs when they die?

I believe tapirs natural lifespan is thirty years

What is a baby tapirs?

Baby tapirs are are called calves..One is called a calf.

Tapirs are found in which country?

Tapirs live in south America and also in Malaysia

Are Malayan tapirs mammals?

Yes, tapirs are mammals.The tapir is definitely a mammal.

What 3 animals eat tapirs?

I only know jaguars eat tapirs.

What is a tapirs predator?

A Jaguar can eat a tapir

What do tapirs eat and what eats the tapirs?

They eat leaves and fruit and feed in the morning and evening. Tigers, jaguars, anacondas and crocodiles can all be dangerous to tapirs.

Why should you try to save Malayan Tapirs?

Tapirs are cute and are part of the world, if your Friend is going to die, you will definitely help them , we should help save the tapirs

Can you find tapirs in France?

You can find tapirs in French Guiana, which is located north of Brazil, but still a part of France. You can't find tapirs in mainland France.

How common are the tapirs?

Tapirs are incredibly endangered and are being bred all over the world

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