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IF YOU ARE A STUDENT INSCHOOL:Well usually the boy would barley or not at all talk to you, he doesn't look at you that much or doesn't look at you at all and if you try to talk to him and he walks away or you have done something that he really didn't want you to or got upset cause he heard something and/or he heard something that's not true.(rumor) IF YOU WORK:If you call him and he doesn't answer or you leave a voice mail and he doesn't pick up the phone, or when you see him you try to talk and he says he needs to get somewhere and kind of stuttered while he was talking to you.

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they will just ignore you and sometimes they just dont talk to you and they will just be realy mean to .you i got in that mess too.if they ignor you just forget them.

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Well if you can't transfer out, then lay low and do what she wants you to do.

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Q: How do tell if a teacher hates you?
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