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How do the Irish show they are sad?


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The same way everyone else does,crying etc.


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Brón. It is pronounced so as to rhyme with loan.

In Irish it's "brón ortsa"

I am so sad that you can't come to my party.He was sad that he missed his favorite show.

Quicksilver - Irish TV show - was created in 1965.

All the poor famillies near the soup kitchens used them, it was a sad sad time.

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The duration of The Daily Show - Irish TV series - is 3000.0 seconds.

A bunch of Irish words strung together ungrammatically. An attempt to say "My Irish is horribly sad".

well you can show sad by describing how you would feel if you were sad or you could say upset. you can also change the mood and setting. if you can't get enough help try to use sad or ask someone you may know that can answer your question. good luck.

Play the Game - Irish game show - ended on 1994-04-09.

Play the Game - Irish game show - was created on 1984-11-21.

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Brónach. (said like brone-ach, the ach being like in the word Bach).But changes to brón (sadness) when used in a sentence like "I am sad"Example: Tá brón orm - I am sad (lit. Sadness is on me)

sad faces because she didn't see herself as pretty

The Dodge Dancing Party - 1955 The Irish Show was released on: USA: 24 March 2012

If your sad maybe sing a part of Love Story by Taylor Swift. Just an idea!

Riverdance on the eurovision in Ireland

people cry to get out their pains and show their feelings

Because you should bloody love them you sad git Because you should bloody love them you sad git

It will show a sad face icon. Don't know what it is or how it looks like, Google "ipod sad face"

Do you mean Marley and Me? If so, the star of the show dies.

The Ann Sothern Show - 1958 Hurrah for the Irish - 1.18 was released on: USA: 2 February 1959

show them the real you not by tellling them show them make a bond with them be there when they are happy,angry and sad. show them you care and love them

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