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The rats of nimh know Jonathan Frisby because they were held captive at nimh and were being experimented on


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They ast in a very frightened and scared way! now leave me alone!

Mrs frisby is the mother, Timothy is the youngest (the one who gets pneumonia) and was never as strong as his brother because when young he got bitten by a spder on the neck although mrs frisby beleives he is the most is the smatest andmost thoughtful of the children, but when it came to being sick he was the first to get it and the slowest to recover, martin was much like his father, strong, quick, and the biggest of the children, teresa is the oldest and most mature, and cynthia is very pretting but is kinda stupid (the book said it not me) and mr frisby... mr jonathan frisby... he was with the rats of nimh but never told mrs frisby. he was killed drugging the cat dragon. dragon- a lazy orange fur ball. jeremy is a young crow still trying to figure out how stupid it is to fly up and down when tangeled to a fence. the darn thing'll get eaten by the cat! billy and paul- paul is older than billy- both mr fitsgibbin's sons. mr and mrs fitsgibbin- mr F. is the farmer. mrs. F. is simply his wife. the rats: ordinary rats that were vaccinated by a chemical to make them smart. now they're genius. mr ages- a mouse- friends with mr frisby- mr ages is a doctor. i think thats mostly it.

Pet rats are not domesticated wild rats, rather, they are brown rats domesticated more than 100 years ago to now be fancy rats.

Uh...that's now how it happened. before mrs.Frisby was still a small "kid" mouse, the rats learned hoe to open the screen doors by reading, taught each other, then freed all the mice from their cage, and escaped through air vent, and after about 7 months or so, Mrs.Frisby met one of the mice of NIMH and they married each other, blah blah blah...

They are great! I have two rats right now and they are wonderful pets. But wild rats can get a little bit nasty.

The reason is: Mrs. Frisby thought Justin, the rat, was dead.

Male rats are calm and lazy. (I should know, I had 3! Now I have 1.) Females are rambunctious and want to climb everywhere. (my dad had 2. He just has 1 now.) Hope that helped! PS Rats are GREAT pets! :D

I'm not sure about either, but now I think about it Bats aren't mammals but Rats probably are.

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mostly rats now most ppl get mice and rats confused well rats are alt bigger and more flat faced then mice

I am reading that book now and i am also stuck on that question and i have to answer it or else ill get in trouble from my reading teacher. But what i am thinking is that since the rats got out that way there would be like a small hole in there and they could make it larger.

no just mice and rats and you should now

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The Black Death can be spread just as it did in the 15th Century, through rats and fleas. Now, it is treatable with antibiotics and rest.

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