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Q: How do the great white roots relate to the alliance of the five nations?
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Did the American revolution turn against its roots?

could it be argued that the american revolution turned against its roots

What is the name 'Kizzie' short for?

Keziah. Although in the Alex Haley Novel "Roots" Kizzy was inspired by the Mandingo name Keisa.

How does the roots potatoes incident highlight cultural bias?

How does the root and potatoes incident highlight cultural bias?Read more: How_does_the_root_and_potatoes_incident_highlight_cultural_bias

What is Canadian identity?

To tell the truth no one can answer this question, it is all based on perception. Some people may say it is how many years you have spent in Canada or some people may say if you love hockey. This question is quite perplexing. --------- But not so perplexing for those with roots in the land going back hundreds of years. There is no "Canadian" identity. Canada is a Confederation of many Nations, each with it's own history and cultures, often many cultures. To suggest there is a Canadian identity is like suggesting there is an Asian identity. Sure there may be some common stereotypes seen by people from outside the area but for those inside the area they would not see a common identity Common causes, common histories maybe but each group has it's own identity. Canada is a Confederation of many Nations and cultures.

Since the government is mostly concerned with power you will group governments by?

All of them. what power exactly, there is so much power. and what government exactly i know of the roots of all Government, which begins with a nucleur family and to and extented level (Ruling body of a country). most of this families to not demonstret power but Love, well maybe behind the Curthen the strings are on the other side of the galaxy but back at home the great Politician is a slave to his 18 year old.

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In the Iroquois's constitution what is the great white roots refering to?

In the Iroquois constitution, the reference to "great white roots" is a metaphor that symbolizes peace and unity among the member nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. Just as the roots of a tree intertwine and connect, the great white roots represent the idea that the member nations should have strong bonds and work together for the greater good of their people.

What the roots scrib and script mean?

The roots "scrib" and "script" both mean "to write" or "written." Words with these roots often relate to writing or recording information in some form.

Where was the word league created?

It comes originally from the Latin ligare - to bind. Its later roots are from the Italian word lega and the French word ligue. The word came into usage in the 15th century as ligg, meaning an alliance (originally, among nations). Source: etymonline(dot)com

The farmers ' alliance asked the government for help in dealing with what industries?

The roots of the National Farmers' Alliance and Industrial Union, commonly known to new farming techniques, and in some places.

Why are roots important to plants?

Roots are an incredibly important element to a great many plants. These plants depend on the roots to suck up water.

How can you use word components to relate medical terms to the structure and function of the human body?

Prefixes, roots, suffixes, combining vowels and combining forms

What does the speaker say is the nature of the Great Whie Roots?

peace and strenght

Where can someone find out more information on grass roots?

One can find more information on grass roots by reading the Plants Today magazine. They go into great detail about certain plants such as grass roots.

What is mole's favorite snack?

The roots of the Geraniums are at great risk from the back yard's mole.

How does Pat Patriot relate to Foxboro?

Pat Patriot is emblematic of the historical roots of the New England region, harking back to the days surrounding the American revolution in the late 1700's.

Which Latin roots would help you determine that an unfamiliar word is referring to being able to hear something?

The Latin roots "audi" meaning hear, and "aud" meaning sound would help determine that an unfamiliar word is related to being able to hear something. Words such as "auditory" or "audio" would be examples of words derived from these roots and relate to the sense of hearing.

What did the great plain Indians invent?

They invented a form of pest control by using sweet roots