How do the lasers work in laser tag?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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When a laser tag phaser fires a shot what you see is a laser beam. The laser beam is for affect only. What scores the actual hit or tag depends on the system in which you are playing )typically it's an IR or infrared signal), much like the kind used in your television remote control.

While you are firing an actual laser in laser tag, the actual entity tagging an opponent's pack is typically an IR signal.

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The above answer is fairly accurate, however to be more specific, it's not Infra-Red signals that determine whether a tag is scored as much as it is FM signals, much like the frequencies used in radio.


I know for a fact that pure laser tag, without IR or FM first existed commercially in 1986 and used solar cells as receivers. Why it never really took off until recently I do not know.

Laser Runner claims to be the only existing pure laser tag technology:

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Q: How do the lasers work in laser tag?
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What are the uses of lasers in entertainment other than laser shows?

One additional use of lasers in entertainment is that of laser tag. Laser Quest is just one of numerous laser tag companies that are considered to be in the entertainment industry.

Who invented laser tag lasers?

Below in related links is some info on how laser tag got started.

Which people need real lasers for laser tag?

No since people may use prejectors or yes

Will a laser pointer work at laser tag?

No it won't. Laser pointer simply emit a laser beam whereas laser tag systems use other methods to register tags. The laser in laser tag is for effect. The actual laser doesn't tag the pack.

Can laser be used in plural as in lasers?

the plural of laser is lasers. for example I have many lasers. you don't say I have many laser.

Does Dave and Busters offer laser tag?

Yes, most Dave and Buster's have a laser tag arena somewhere inside them.Actually - Dave and Buster's DO NOT have laser tag arenas. They have an area in which you can pay money or points to tag "targets" but you're not actually trying to tag other players. It's not the traditional laser tag set up and there is no arena.Their version is more like a "shooting gallery" using lasers.

What happens if you wear sunglasses in laser tag?

Since sunglasses are shaded, and laser tag is played in a dark, black-lite area, you would probably just run into walls and people. Laser Tag facilities typically use Class II cosmetic lasers whose beams are less intense than laser pointers.

Can you play laser tag while pregnant?

It is possible, however most laser tag facilities have a "play at your own risk" disclaimer. Laser tag is a mildly aerobic game so the factors you should consider are whether or not mildly aerobic exercise is right for okay for you or not. The actual lasers themselves should not have any effect whatsoever on your unborn child.

How does laser speed guns use lasers?

Laser speed guns use lasers by Doppler shift measurement.

Is Laser Tag safe?

There are no inherent risks of laser tag.LASER stands for Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission of Radiation so there is radiation involved however you are exposed to more radiation within one minute of exposure to the sun or your household microwave than you would be in a multitude of laser tag games.Anytime you're exposed to the general public, you are also exposed to their actions, so from time to time people can sustain injuries from others who make physical contact (which is against the rules in all public laser tag facilities) or by fall down or "running" into a wall, etc.The lasers themselves pose absolutely no danger to people. The lasers used in laser tag are classified as a Class II cosmetic laser and is less intense than what you would find at the grocery store checkout or a laser pointer.Additionaly, at most facilities, laser tag is a play at your own risk game and as most laser tag companies use a simulated fog in their arena and flashing lights, some asthmatics and those with photosensitive epilepsy are encouraged not to play.Very true, The laser does no harm to you, unless you aren't listening to the rules, or hurt yourself while hiding, there is no way you could be harmed. the rules are:-no running-you couldn't fall.-No lying down, sitting, or kneeling-noone will trip over anyone-no jumping or climbing- you wont fall off have fun.There actually is one harm of laser tag from the lasers which may cause blindness if seen by the eye but it is unlikely.

Where can Pangolin Laser equipment be purchased?

Pangolin Laser equipment can be found at many stores that specialize in laser sales. United Laser, CT Lasers Stores, Laser World have Pangolin Lasers available.

What occurs at the resolution of the story the dangerous game?

The Most Dangerous Game is laser tag with real lasers with plastic protection. Well you asked for it. HEADS UP ;)