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Questions about the game of laser tag, where and how to play, laser tag technology, and current and past laser tag systems.

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Laser Tag

What is the phone number for the zone laser tag?

Zone laser tag is a company that provides laser tag systems on a franchised basis. The number for their sales department is 877 484 9621.

Laser Tag

What do some laser tag code names mean?

I go to panther and I know the following definitions of these code names-


Inferno- fire

Whitecap- waves

Scathe- damage

Zenith- point

Sable- black

Jackdaw- grey

Neutron- atom

Phantom- ghost

Vortex- circle

Jester- entertainer

Talon- claw

Condor- vulture

Hornet- insect

Celsius- measurement

Domino- block

That's it!

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What time does laser tag close?

This depends on the specific store.

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How many square feet is an average laser tag arena?

2500-3500 sq ft, though those generally run at about 30% capacity, not generating as much revenue. The most successful are 7-8000 sq ft and offer continuous play, increasing through-put.

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What is spiking in ruby laser?

The emission of laser beam through the semitransparent end face actually consists of spikes of high intensity emissions. This phenomen is called spiking of the laser.

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Does palisades mall have laser tag?


Laser Tag

How far do Laser Tag Team Ops laser guns shoot?

I dont know for sure, but it should shoot around 700 ft.

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What is a CueSight Laser cue?

The Cuesight Laser Cue is a billiards training aid designed to help improve a players consistency.

Aside from being super cool (I mean it's a pool cue with a laser shooting out the end), it will demonstrate any inconsistency in a players stroking motion as they watch the crosshairs on the cue ball.

Couple that with the ability to see exactly where on the cue ball you are striking and you have a fairly solid tool to help you improve your stroke and develop the sighting and muscle memory to impart "english" or spin on the cueball.

You can read more about them at the related link.

Laser Tag

What is the best base colour to be in Darkzone Malaga?

There is a secret base underground of the malaga Darkzone but u need the password to get in. You say it to the employees just before u go in to the game they will tell u were 2 go. The password is: YOU ANNOYING GIT

Laser Tag

What happens if you wear sunglasses in laser tag?

Since sunglasses are shaded, and laser tag is played in a dark, black-lite area, you would probably just run into walls and people. Laser Tag facilities typically use Class II cosmetic lasers whose beams are less intense than laser pointers.

Laser Tag

How much does it cost to run a laser tag place?

In today's dollars, you're looking at anywhere from $500,000 to $1,000,000 to build depending on the quality and size of the facility. Your expenses, including labor, overhead, etc. will run you anywhere from about $200,000- to $500,000 per year, again depending on staffing levels, salaries, utilities, R&M, Marketing expenses, etc.

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Are you supposed to wear glasses to laser-tag?

Its not compulsory, but you can fo medical reasons.

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What are the physics to a laser tag gun?

The "physics behind the laser tag" deals with the sub-field area of study known as Optics. Optics is the study of the behaviour and properties of light. It is a branch of the physical sciences. Sir Isaac Newton, the world renowned British physicist, wrote a book on the material labeled "Optiks," that was released to the public in 1704. Refraction is also a very significant concept when it comes to the "physics behind the laser tag." Refraction is the bending of light rays ( the laser of the laser gun in this case) as it passes between two different "medium" (2 medium makes up a "media"). The 2 medium in this case is the wall and the room adjacent to the wall. A good idea for introducing your class to this inter discipline of physics would be a PowerPoint or a practical science-fair themed like project with a Hypothesis and all that sort of stuff. Also, remember that a science paper project must be written in APA format (which shows subscripts and superscripts). It also must be very clear and concise, and all the concepts must be explained accurately.

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What are good laser tag code words?

Good codenames are based completely on opinion, however the thing to keep in mind is that you have to be happy with your codename, so whatever you think is a good codename, is a good codename.

Some systems don't allow you to use codenames as they are either assigned to you or you are known as a pack number. For those systems that do allow you to use codenames, the typical maximum number of characters that can be used is 10.

Here are some suggested "good" codenames:



umopap!sdn (spells upsidedown if you look at it upsidedown)







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Adventure Quest

Is laser quest good for kids?

The answer to that question is based on personal opinion. Laser tag isn't "bad" for kids.

Laser tag is meant to be a fun experience and kids like to have fun. As such, laser tag is good for kids if "good" is defined as having fun.

Laser Tag

How many games are played in laser tag?

The number of games played in laser tag is completely up to you. With most laser tag facilities, you can purchase just one game. Most laser tag facilities will offer special packages such as two or three games for a particular price and even an unlimited amount of games for a set price. In the end, the number of games played is up to you and the availability of games the facility has.

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Are laser pointers illegal?

No, the laser pointer itself is not illegal to own. The law is stated below, it seems like as long as you are responsible with it, you'll have no problems. 42.13. USE OF LASER POINTERS. (a) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly directs a light from a laser pointer at a uniformed safety officer, including a peace officer, security guard, firefighter, emergency medical service worker, or other uniformed municipal, state, or federal officer. (b) In this section, "laser pointer" means a device that emits a visible light amplified by the stimulated emission of radiation. (c) An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor.

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How does a laser work?

In short, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Now, to explain. In a laser, there is something called a MEDIUM. This is where the photons are made. In all substances, there are atoms. In the atoms, there are electrons. The electrons are on orbits around the nucleus of an atom. There are more than one orbiting each atom. The electrons are EXCITED by getting hit by photons. The electrons absorb the energy from the photons they are hit by. To be on a certain orbit, the electron needs to have a certain amount of energy. When an electron is hit by a photon, it GAINS ENERGY so is jumps up to another orbit, because it has too much energy to stay on it's normal orbit. The electrons, though, ALWAYS have to go back to their original orbit (a law of physics) and in doing so, it needs to release energy in the form of a photon. Mirrors focus the light and it then comes out of the gun. There are more factors, but they are complicated and I cannot explain them for now. The main thing is the Excitation of the electrons then the release of the photons.

Laser Tag

How much does laser tag at palisades mall cost?

it costs 8 dollars for the 1st game and 5 dollars for the 2nd

Laser Tag

What are some good laser tag?

Neon Bolt,Fiery Man,KIller

Laser Tag

How do you set up laser challenge pro guns to register hits on each other?

i doont know

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How much is a Bondini 45 caliber muzzleloader pistol worth?

currently there is one for sale on guns America they place the value at $255 here is the link, ( )

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What is a laser?

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

A "laser" is a light source created when a light amplifier is placed between a pair of mirrors. The mirrors bounce the light back into the amplifier, producing feedback, and the amplifier repeatedly amplifies the light as it passes back and forth. To let the light escape from between the mirrors, one semi-transparent mirror is used on one end.

Laser light is very pure in frequency (called "monochromatic.") Laser light also behaves as if it comes from a single point (called "spatial coherence.) Laser light is not necessarily intense, and not necessarily parallel. However, because laser light comes from a single point, a lens can concentrate the light back down to form an intensely bright point. Or, the bright point of light can be projected into the distance, forming a narrow parallel beam.

Lasers are used for highlighting lights in presentations, and sold as toys in mild form, they can also be used in many industrial applications and weapon systems. Common industrial lasers use a CO2 or YAG tube to run CNC machines capable of cutting and marking plastic, metal, and other materials. Also used in the medical industry for surgical procedures.

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How much Is laser tag lock down?

Nobody knows, not even the people who work there

Try handing an assortment of small change and buttons to whoever is working the register and say you want "the special offer" wink and nod you head and just walk in calmly with your motley crew following behind

The game will start and you can't leave until someone has won

Good luck

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How long is a Shadowland laser tag adventure?

When I called one of their centers, here's what I was told. It's 15 minutes of instructions (man, that's a lot), and 15 minutes for the actual game. We have gone to many parties, played many times on our own, etc. The games are 20 minutes. Instruction includes putting on the gear. Since the entire "experience" is 30 minutes, instruction would have to be 10 minutes. Advise grabbing several disclaimers in advance so you can fill these out on your own and not waste time there. If you are sensitive to sudden noises, or startle easily, this is not for you. There are ramps so be careful running -- people have fallen (o.k. for kids, not so for adults with bad backs). Teams are better than individual. Correction - You may have been told by someone who works at Shadowland that the games are about 20 minutes, however the actual standard game time is 15 minutes. It is also documented as 15 minute games on their website AND that the total experience lasts about 30 minutes from suiting up to getting scorecards.


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