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A muscle below your lungs, called your diaphram, contracts, letting air in your air sacs within your lungs, and relaxes, pushing carbon dioxide out. The oxygen is then used to replenish the life of your blood cells, by your heart taking oxygen and giving carbon dioxide from your blood cells.

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Which structure performs a function similar to a function of the human lungs?

In aquatic organisms gills perform the function of lungs.

How do your lungs perform their function?

they perforn their function by pumping air in and out of your blood and around your body. they have an important part to play as we would not be able to breath without the function that our lungs have to play.

Why is the function of the lungs important?

it is important that co2 gets out of our body or else it wud cause severe body problems.therefore lungs perform a function wich is really important

What structure in fish performs the same function as lungs in mammals?

GillsThe gills perform the same function.

What organ performs a major function?

The heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, and so on, are examples of organs that perform a major (vital) function. Not to mention the brain!

A group of tissues working together to perform a similar function?

A group of tissues working together to perform a similar function is called an organ. Examples of organs found in the body are the skin, lungs, heart, kidneys and liver.

The lungs do not function in a fetal pig what takes over their function?

When the lungs do not function the backup respiratory system takes over the function of the lungs. This is true in a fetal pig.

What is the function of elastic fibers in the lungs?

They perform the opposite action to the smooth muscles and recoil and allow the lumens to return to their original shape

What are the lungs function in an adult animal?

The function of an adult animals lungs is to breathe!

What is a function of diaphragm?

the function of the diaphragm is that it works with the lungs and ribs to get air into the lungs

How does kidney perform different function from lungs and skin?

The kidney and lungs are both associated with removing wastes from the body. They are different in the substances that they remove. The lungs remove the gaseous wastes (Carbon Dioxide) and the kidneys remove the digested waste material.

What is the specific function of the lungs?

the specific function of the lungs is to help air pass throw the the lungs another answer is when you breath the air (oxygen) goes into the lungs

Why do lungs have to carry out their function properly?

why is it important that the lungs are able to carry out their function properly?

What describes an organism most a group of cells that work together to perform a specific job a body structure such as muscles or lungs or a group of tissues that work together to do a certain job?

A function is what something does and tissue is a group of cells working together to perform a specific function.

What is the function of the mucus blanket of the lungs?

the function of the mucus blanket in the lungs is to filter and moisten the air.

Dialysis is used to perform the function of?

Dialysis is the machin which is used to perform the function of Kidney .

What is a function of chicken lungs?

The function of chicken lungs are the same as in humans, for the purpose of breathing in oxygen. The lungs are important organs, and the chicken can not live without them.

What is the mjor function of the trachea?

What is the mjor function of the lungs

What is the function of pleura membrane in the lungs?

Lining the and separating the lungs

What are the cellular respiratory processes that lungs perform?

The lungs perform the following cellular respiratory processes - pulminory ventilation external respiration internal respiration

What is the only function viruses can perform?

The only function a virus can perform is to make more of themselves.

What are the monomers in proteins what function do enzymes perform?

Energetically is the monomers in proteins. This is the function that enzymes perform.

The function of lungs?

to breath

What is the main function of your lungs?

the main function of our lungs in to take away carbon dioxide and refill the blood with oxygen

One function of the heart is to what blood to the lungs?

Answer Pump blood to the lungs.