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Worse than an animal.

Cosette is forced to do all the menial chores in the household. She is up before dawn every morning. Her only dress is a ragged cast off from the Thenardier's children. She has never been given a gift, not even on Christmas. Mme. Thenardier finds pleasure in physically abusing her and does so with the slightest inclination. Cosette is described with chilblains on her hands, lips blue with cold, and jutting bones. It is no wonder that "her whole person...expressed and uttered a single idea: fear." (Cosette, Book III, Ch. VIII)

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The Thénardiers treat Cosette poorly, exploiting her as a child servant and subjecting her to neglect and abuse. They see her as a means to extract more money from Fantine by keeping her in their care. Their treatment of her is driven by their greed and cruelty.

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Q: How do the thenardiers treat cosette?
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Why does Fantine leave Cosette and why do the Thenardiers take her in?

Fantine doesn't have the money to support Cosette, and she sees the Thenardiers' children playing (who looked very healthy) and the Thenardiers took Cosette in but made Fantine keep paying ridiculous amounts of money.

How is cosette's life in montfermeil?

Horrible. The Thenardiers treat her like a slave, she got worse food than the dog, had to get water in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. The Thenardiers also used Cosette to get money from her mother, and never got treated any better than ever.

What is the nickname given to cosette?

"Cosette" is often called "Eponine" by her abusive guardians, the Thenardiers, in Victor Hugo's novel "Les Misérables."

Where was Gavroche born?

Since his parents are the Thenardiers, and he is not yet born when Fantine leaves Cosette with them, I would assume he was born in Montfermeil where their inn is located.

How old is little cosette supposed to be in Les Miserables?

Cosette is first introduced in Les Mis when she is only a year or two old. When Jean Valjean saves her from the Thenardiers, she is probably around seven or eight years old. Marius falls in love with Cosette when she is about fifteen and posesses a look that contains the innocence of her past and all the passion of her future. By the conclusion of the book, Cosette can be estimated to be between sixteen and seventeen years of age.

Why does Fantine leave Cosette?

Fantine leaves Cosette in the care of the Thénardiers because she is unable to provide for her daughter financially. She hopes that the Thénardiers will care for Cosette until she can return and take her back.

How much money did the Thenardiers make off of Cosette in Les Miserables?

In "Les Miserables," the Thenardiers made a significant amount of money off of Cosette by exploiting her as a child laborer. They forced her to work long hours at their inn and did not provide her with proper care or education. The exact amount of money they made is not specified in the story.

Who are the critical characters in les meisrables?

Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert are probably the most critical. However the Thenardiers, Eponine, Cosette, Marius, Enjorals and Fantine also play a large role in the story

What is the song does the kid sing in Les Miserables?

The song is Javert At The Barricade / Little People.

Who did the Thenardiers raise in Les Miserables?

Their own daughter, Eponine, and Fantine's daughter, Cosette, because Fantine worked her butt off earning money to send to them so that they would keep her. I don't know it you could call it "raising", though... they were monstrous to her.

What happened at the Gorbeau House in Les Miserables?

In "Les Miserables," the Gorbeau House is where Jean Valjean and Cosette take shelter while on the run from Javert. They live in secrecy in a small garret, but their hiding place is eventually discovered by the Thenardiers, who threaten to reveal their secret unless Valjean gives them money. This leads to a tense confrontation and the eventual escape of Valjean and Cosette.

What was the purpose of the song Castle on a Cloud in the musical Les Miserable?

In the musical Les Miserables, the song "Castle on a Cloud" is sung by the character Young Cosette. The purpose of the song is to show Young Cosette's longing for comfort and security, as she dreams of a better life away from the abuse and neglect she faces under the care of the Thenardiers. It also highlights her innocence and vulnerability in the midst of the harsh realities of her situation.