How do they do vocaloid live concerts?


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It is a projection on a transparent screen from behind the scene. This has subsequently been followed by live performances in which the character is displayed as a hologram in front of a live band to the throngs of cheering fans. If that wasn't surprising enough the character's voice is not even human. It is synthetic and completely produced by a computer.


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Yes. There are a lot already.

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Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid, however in her "live" concerts, she is shown as a 3D hologram that sings along with a live band.

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This person named Hatsune Miku idk who that is but she is at 21%. It's actually only a possibility that she will be singing, and she is a Vocaloid. A Vocaloid is an electronic voice based off of a real singers voice, that is given a personality and an image. Hatsune Miku is one of the most popular and one of the oldest Vocaloids. If she does sing she will represented with a hologram, like at the live Vocaloid concerts.

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Live concerts and Field Recordings.

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