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Q: How do they make pencils?
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Which countries make pencils?

from which countries make pencils

How many pencils can a maple tree make?

It can make 127,000 pencils

What is the mineral is used to make pencils?

Graphite is the mineral used in pencils.

What would you do to make pencils better?

make the pencils six times longer of 2 times fatter.

What is the difference between watercolor pencils and normal?

they make water color pencils?

What do Germany make?


How do you make pencils?

you cut the wood and then make it a pencil

What did Thoreau make and sell?


What countries make pencils?


What trees make pencils?


How do you make the color silver using colored pencils?

Use the black and white color pencils.

How is lead put into pencils?

There is no lead in pencils. It is actually Graphite. Graphite is frequently call "lead" as in "lead" pencils, but there is no lead in graphite or pencils. Pencils simply contail a mixture of Graphite and fine clay in varying proportions to make them hard or soft.

Did they ever stop putting lead in pencils?

Graphite, not lead, is what is used in normal pencils to make them create the black mark. Art pencils contain amixture of clay and pignents to make the various coloured lines.

What elements make up pencils?

but cheakes make a pencil

Are pencils recyclable?

they are if u make them with newspaper

Where do they get the raw materials to make pencils?


What colour pencils make indigo?


Do they still make pencils out of led?


How do people make led for pencils?

my balls!

What element is used to make the leads in pencils?

Lead is a misnomer when talking about pencils. What you're actually writing/drawing with is graphite. Lead was neverused in the making of pencils.

How many lead pencils can you make from the human body?

Roughly 240 pencils can be made from the cremains of the average human.

Which countries make pencil parts?

from which countries make pencils

How is lead used commercially in the business world?

I am used to make toys like dolls I am used to make strollers.Finally I am used to write with in pencils and mechanical pencils

What are the release dates for Never Make Your Own Pencils - 2013?

Never Make Your Own Pencils - 2013 was released on: USA: 15 August 2013

Where are pencils made?

Pencils can be made in a variety of places. Such as China. Or something like that. They can be made from China to Australia. They are not to difficult to make.