How do those two documents reflect enlightenment?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Which development was influenced by the enlightenment

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Q: How do those two documents reflect enlightenment?
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What two important US documents would reflect ideas from the enlightenment?

The Declaration of independence, because one enlightenment idea was that people have the right to overthrow their government if it doesn't meet the people's natural rights. Second would be the Constitution because it supported natural rights, freedom of speech, and a government with checks and balances.

What two documents most clearly show the influence of Enlightenment thinkers?

The declaration of independence and the U.S. constitution (apex)

What two things did enlightenment thinkers use to help them understand their world?

Reason and logic helped enlightenment thinkers understand their world. Those in turn enabled science and the scientific method.

Enlightenment philosopher 2 words?

There are two parts to enlightenment philosopher. The two parts are faith in European and the search for the practical.

What are the two distinct developments of the Enlightenment?


What two folders are included by default in the Documents library?

My Documents and Public Documents Folders

What documents are display at the national archives in Washington DC?

declaration of independence and the constitution of the united states those are two of them later peeps

Explain the core of Enlightenment thinking Name at least two Enlightenment thinkers?

There were three core concepts to enlightenment thinking; reason, social sciences and progress. Two enlightenment thinkers were Bernard de Fontenelle and Pierre Bayle.

What are two documents that resulted from the Revolutionary War?

The two documents that came from the Revolutionary War was the Constitution and the Treaty of Paris.

Two ways to ratify amendments?

Amendments to WHAT? Government documents or commercial business documents.

How do you Describe the use of merging of documents?

give two examples to describe merging of documents

How much credit is really due to the Founding Fathers for producing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

All of it. The definition of the term "Founding Fathers" is those men who helped write those two documents. Michael Montagne