How do tigers adapt to their surroundings?

Tigers have flexible backbones so they can catch up to their prey faster.

Tigers can leap up to 33 ft. A tigers back legs are longer than front legs which helps them jump farther.

Tigers have soft padding on their feet which helps them sneak up on their pray without being heard.

Tigers also walk on their toes witch helps them run faster.

Tigers have sharp retractable claws, the front paws of a tiger have five sharp claws that are used for catching prey. The back paws have four claws they are sometimes used to help bring down large prey.

They have short, powerful jaws for catching, tearing and chewing prey.

Their orange, red, brown fur camouflages them into their surroundings (usually grass).

They have extremely accurate hearing and are very tactile.

They adapt by looking at surroundings and getting use to it.