Turtles and Tortoises

How do tortoises breathe?

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If you look close up on a tortoises head, they have one little hole at either side of there head, like us there have noise holes witch they breathe out of. I hope i helped. :D
Tortoises Do have noses (and mouths) you know! If you look closely at a tortoise's face, it has two little nostrils!

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Are leatherback sea turtles amphibians?

No. They cannot breathe underwater. Turtles and tortoises are reptiles.

How does the galapagos turtle breathe?

They are called "Galapagos tortoises." They breathe through their mouth or nostrils, filling their lungs which are located on their backs. Note that people often get the name wrong and call tortoises "turtles." Turtles are water-dwelling (either sea or fresh water), have flatter shells for swimming, and are omnivorous. Tortoises are land-dwelling, are vegetarian, and have dome-shaped shells.

How does a Tortoise breathe?

through their nares and mouths....tortoises don't hold their breath underwater - they don't swim..they sink and drown

How does a tortoise breathe under water?

They don't. They can just hold their breath for a long time. And giant tortoises don't even like water that much!

How do tortoises act around other tortoises?

some tortoises fight others dont

Can you get tortoises for cheap?

no tortoises are veryy exspensive

What do tortoises drink?

Tortoises drink water.

Are tortoises dangerous?

yes.. tortoises can be dangerous

Do tortoises have tails?

no tortoises do not have tails, it is a common misconception that tortoises have tails but they in actual fact do not have tails.

Do turtles and tortoises have the same DNA?

Turtles and Tortoises have highly similar DNA, as tortoises are a subgroup of turtles.

Do tortoises eat fish?

No they don't ! Tortoises are vegetarians !

Are desert tortoises nocturnal?

No, desert tortoises are diurnal.

Are there tortoises in Australia?

No. There are no true native tortoises in Australia.

How do tortoises move?

Tortoises have four legs that they walk with.

Do desert tortoises have hair?

No, tortoises have scales and no hair.

Are orange tortoises poisonous?

NO orange tortoises are not poisonous

Are tortoises endangered animals?

Yes, tortoises are endangered animals

What are signs of tortoises pregnant?

none, tortoises lay eggs

Are turtles and tortoises reptiles or amphibians?

Turtles and tortoises are reptiles

Do tortoises mate internally or externally?

tortoises lay eggs

Do tortoises float on water?

Yes it depends which type of tortoises you have

Do desert tortoises chew?

Genius, all tortoises chew.

Do ants bite desert tortoises?

Yes, ants do bite desert tortoises and baby desert tortoises are in the most danger. If you keep tortoises outside, it is important to make sure ants cannot get to them.

Which are bigger turtles or tortoises?

A turtle is bigger because tortoises are minnie

Do Tortoises lay eggs?

Yes. Tortoises reproduce by laying eggs.