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This does not change from car to car:

  1. It may be the battery, TO check this disconnect the battery, charge the battery for 8 hours then leave it sit for the amount of time it takes to go dead normally. Test battery, I usually just hook it up and see if the car starts

Now it gets more technical.

  • Do you have an additional amp wired in? Try pulling the fuse out of that.
  • You now need a way to measure draw on the system. Some multimeter's will measure up to 1/2 amp and will blow up the instant you connect them. Your car has capacitors and similar things that have to charge up. You can connect the meter between the positive cable and the positive post with the cable still connected and remove the cable. I have a very old meter will measure up 250 amps and down to .1 amp
  • If you have the time just pull the fuses one at a time and see if the car battery does not go dead.
  • When the draw level drops below .1 amps you have isolated your problem.
  • Then you need to figure out what is on that fuse.
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Q: How do track down short draining battery on ford ESCORT LX?
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