How do traditionalists call their supreme being?


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The followers of Christianity calltheir supreme being God.

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Composers of the late romantic period are traditionally grouped into three divisions. One would be the nationalists, the other the traditionalists and the third one the anti traditionalists.

There is no supreme being....

Agnostics are in the middle. They see no proof in their being a supreme being and no proof that their isn't a supreme being.

Brahama, or God (Bhagvan).THE SUPREME BEING OF HINDUISM:The supreme being of Hinduism is Brahman.

That mainly depends on if you believe in supreme being(s). If you do, then you are agnostic. If you don't, then you are atheist.

A supreme being is the most supreme and superlative being who has created the whole universe. As we don't know who has created this universe, our last answer/guess can be the supreme being. According to Muslims, Allah is the supreme most being Who has created this whole universe and humans to worship him. While Hindus, Christians and Jews believe in other Supreme beings.

Brahman - He is the one true God and supreme being in Hinduism

God, the creator of the universe. He was and still is the Supreme Being of Judaism.

Since your question has come under Religion then no, the Supreme being would not have PMS.

If you believe people made up the concept of God, then people also made up "the will of the supreme being." If you believe that God is a real supreme being, then the will of the supreme being was not given to God, but something God possesses and man simply recognizes.

me and my friends at school we call each other supreme when we are nervous. 'You are supreme!' hope this is useful! xx

The all seeing eye is the most known symbol for the supreme being. This would make the all seeing eye a good tattoo concept to represent the supreme being.

The supreme court calls an unconstitutional law null.

Buddhism like many of the major religions of the world has a supreme being. His name is Siddhartha or Buddha.

Adonai, Elohim, Jehovah, all are names for God, the Christian faith's 'supreme being'.

Buddhist do not have a supreme being as a supreme being is not really part of a Buddhist philosophy. Some Buddhist believe in god, some believe in many gods, many however are atheist or agnostic. So the Buddhist religion really does not worship or identify a supreme being, I guess that is up to the individual Buddhist.

God is the supreme being in Christianity.

The supreme beings of Confucianism are limited. The religion is named after supreme beings of Confucius who spoke of a supreme being known as Tian.

No, they are not. The term supreme being is one way that people refer to concepts of deity. By itself, the word supreme is an adjective that means the highest quality, or most authoritative, or best example of something.

God is the Supreme Being in the Catholic Church who is present in the Trinity- Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The supreme being for the Islamic religion is God. Allah is the name for God in Arabic. It will always be God.

No it is sold in stores and the Supreme court does not ban the sale of video games and instead overturn or uphold the bans from local city and state governments

By a Supreme Being - Our Creator God Family.

AnswerBelievers belonging to the "Abrahamic" religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Baha'i faith - and the monotheists in Hinduism and Buddhism, believe in one supreme being. Some religions that no longer exist, such as the syncretistic Manichaeism, also believed in one supreme being. The few zoroastrians, or mazdaists, who remain, also believe in a supreme being. Some Hindus regard Brahma as the ultimate supreme being.Atenism - see Wikipedia link

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