How do u put a tampon on?

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You don't put a tampon on, you put a tampon in your vagina. All tampon packages include instructions which are far easier to follow than trying to read answers from your screen. Tampon insertion is really not complicated, as long as you're relaxed and use correct absorbency you just insert into your vagina as far as it will do - make sure you know precautions such as when to change.

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You dont put a tampon on? You RAME it into your vagina so far that the string doesnt hang out

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Q: How do u put a tampon on?
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Does it hurt the baby if i put in a tampon?

It wouldn't hurt the baby, but why would you put in a tampon, if you're pregnant you don't have your period.

What is the best way to insert a tampon in the anus?

is there a special way to put a tampon in my anus

How do tampons work?

when using a tampon... u simply have 2 stick ur foot up on a toilet. then put ur fingers on the tampon. find the opening of ur vagina and open it. put the tampon under u and push the tampon into ur body. next, take ur pointer finger that was holding onto the tampon and push the tampon into ur body. pull the non - tampon part out of ur body and throw it away. the tampon will suck up the blood. after 4 - 6 hours... pull it out and throw it in the toilet. replace with a new one. when you go to change it if there are still white patches on it, try a lighter flow one next time or if you need to change it more regularly or it leaks then try a higher absorbancy tampon to find the right one for you. :)

How do you put on and remove a tampon if you never got your period?

I hope you are not wearing a tampon when not on a period. This is unhealthy and if you are just starting your period you should not be using a tampon until you are older. The tampon box gives written as well as a diagram of how to put in a tampon. Follow the directions and read the warnings. This is very important.

How can you go swimming with your period?

You put a tampon in...

How do you put a duck in a box?

Every tampon box has detailed instructions with picture of how to put a tampon in. Very gingerly Follow the instructions in the pack.

Do you take the plastic part off at the end of the tampon?

The plastic part around the tampon is the applicator. You use it to put in the tampon, but you don't leave it in your vagina.

Is it normal to be afraid to put in a tampon?

Yes, this is very normal, the first time i went to put a tampon in a was very scared, but dont worry. If you get all nervous before you insert a tampon try and relax as it will make the tampon go in easier if your muscles are all relaxxed and not tensedup.

What is the best way to put in a tampon?

with a glove and tongs

Can you eat meat pies with have diarrhea?

Put a tampon in your but

What do you do when you have started your period?

Put a tampon in or use a pad.

When you have a period what do you do?

You either insert a tampon or put on a pad

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