How do use dictator as a sentence?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Hitler was a dictator

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Q: How do use dictator as a sentence?
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How can use dictator in a sentence?

Many people who want to change the world can be a dictator

How do you use the word dictator in a sentence as a compound?

the president is the dictator OS the united states OS America

How can you use the word oppressed in a sentence?

The citizens were oppressed by their cruel dictator.

How do you use extremist in a sentence?

The extremist dictator decided to behead all the peasants.

A sentence using the word dictator?

God is the dictator on earth, or He is the dictator of africa.

How do you write a sentence with the word dictator?

The dictator was quite a despot.

Can you use cowardice in a sentence?

In a final act of lowly cowardice, the cruel dictator took his own life.

Use dictator in a sentence?

The teacher's part was to dictate the story and the students had to take notes.

Do you capitalize dictator in a sentence?


How do you use divine right in a sentence?

This dictator thought he had the divine right to rule his country, obviously everyone else did not.

What is1 a good sentence with dictator?

The dictator took control of the country using a military coup.

What is a sentence with the word dictator?

As the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has full autocratic control over the country.