How do use scenery in a sentence?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Look at the marvelous scenery.

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Q: How do use scenery in a sentence?
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How do you use full of beautiful scenery in a sentence for elementary students?


How do you use scenery in a sentence with 8 words?

The scenery in the Antarctic was absolutely amazing. Hope it helps:D

How to use scenery in a sentence?

The scenery along the winding mountain road was breathtaking.

How can you use the word inspired sentence?

"I felt inspired by the scenery of the water with hills in the background."

How do you use commented in a sentence?

You can use the word "commented" in a sentence like, "She commented on the beautiful scenery during our walk." In this sentence, "commented" indicates that she made a remark or observation about the scenery.

5 sentence on scenery?

i want 5 sentences / lines about scenery

What is the plural of the sentence the scenery is beautiful?

There are two nouns. They are scenery and lake.

How do I use scenery in a sentence for elementary students?

Scenery is the background of a play or picture that helps set the scene. For example, in a play about going to the beach, you might see scenery that looks like sand and waves to make it feel like you are really there.

How do you use the word agrestic in a sentence?

The agrestic scenery was enough to make me homesick for the open fields of Tennessee.

Sentence with the word scenery in it?

The green scenery during the road trip hurt my eyes.

How would you use the word turquoise in a sentence?

Here is an example sentence for the word 'turquoise':The scenery was utterly beautiful, with the turquoiselake blending into the blue, cloudless sky.

How would you use schussed in a sentence?

We schussed the lights fantastic. She schussed right into me! I schussed that hill so fast that I missed out on all of that beautiful scenery.