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Q: How do vaccines prepare the body to fight these futures invasions?
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Vaccinations help prepare the body to fight invasions of a specific pathogen by?

stimulating antibody production

What does vaccine and pathogenic have in common?

Vaccines are for preventing infections. Infections are pathogenic (caused by germs). Vaccines help your body prepare to fight specific pathogens, e.g., bacteria and viruses.

Are all vaccines efficient?

No, not quite all. Some diseases just don't go down without a long hard fight regardless of what you have done to prepare for it.

The purpose of introducing weakened microbes into the body of an organism is to stimulate the?

Immune system to react and prepare the organism to fight future invasions by these microbes.

How vaccines prevent infection?

Vaccines do not prevent infection. Vaccines prepare the immune system to fight infection by allowing the immune system to produce antibodies to a specific invading organism, kill it, and remember it in the future. In vaccines, this organism is often weakened or dead. If the invading organism is found by the immune system in the future following immunization, the immune system remembers it and produces the specific antibodies needed to kill it quickly.

Name two groups of medicine used by doctors to fight microbes?

Doctors use vaccines to fight microbes on a long term scale. They use antibiotics to fight them on a short term scale.

What are some good things about vaccines?

the good thing about vaccines is that they fight away harmful illnesses that could damage your body.

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How do vaccines protect the body from diseases?

A vaccines helps because they put some of the disease in your body then your body can get use to it so if you get that disease your body can easily fight it out of you!

How are vaccines benificial?

vaccines are beneficial because they help prevent a disease happening to a person in the future by developing anti- bodies in the blood. they help fight the infection better

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