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They don't actually. You basic vampire is really a simple creature able to steal life-force and not much else. If the vampire does have any extra abilities, then they have been acquired by some other means than by just being a vampire. Count Dracula was a high level sorcerer, as a result of attending the academy of Scholomance in the Carpathian Mountains, and could do all sort of fancy things.

If you're thinking of becoming a vampire for the perks then don't! There aren't any.

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Q: How do vampires have super strength and speed?
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What unique powers do vampires have?

Vampires have super strength and super speed. They also have really good smelling. They have really sharp teeth. They heal very quickly.Some vampires have special talents of there own.

Should all vampires be cops?

uuh where did you get the cop bit?? sure i guess they would be good with the super speed and strength as such. but why??

How do you spot a half vampire?

vampires do exist, but there are no half vampires. vampires are not like they are in the films, they don't 'sparkle' have super-speed or strength, they are not immortal and they don't turn into bats. they are just like humans only they drink blood. drinking blood to vampires is like food to humans, they can also survive on normal food to.

What can vampires do that we can't?

In accordance to vampires such as Dracula; suck blood, can be killed with a wooden stakes (but only through the heart), etc. vampires can suck blood , jump really high, they have super strength and speed, ice cold hands, live forever and they cant go outside when its sunny

What were the Superpowers Hermes had?

Flight, Immortality, Super Strength, Super speed

Do vampires get tired from running?

In most vampire lore, such as in traditional folklore or popular culture, vampires do not tire or fatigue easily, making them capable of running for long distances without getting tired. Their supernatural abilities often include enhanced strength, speed, and endurance.

What powers does Hurcules have?

super strength and amazing speed

Who is faster vampires or werewolves in the twilight series?

Well, both really. Vampires are know for their super speed, but werewolves are fast as well.

What super powers does Bolt have?

Bolt has "laser vision, super strength, the super bark, and speed"

What are some super powers?

Super strength, invisibility, super speed, invincibility, being able to fly.

What is vampire power?

Mind control, super speed, strength

Do vampires have strength?

Yes they have strenght. Dont you read? Almost every book ever made about vampires fiction or non states clearly that they have super human strenght.