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Q: How do varifocals lenses work?
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What is lenticular spectacle lenses are they better than trifocals?


How does a camera use refraction?

Refraction is what makes the lenses work.Refraction is what makes the lenses work.Refraction is what makes the lenses work.Refraction is what makes the lenses work.

What are Varifocal lenses?

A varifocal lens is a non-fixed focal length lens where the focus changes with focal length. This is in contrast to true zoom lenses, which retain correct focus throughout their focal length range. True zooms have a constant maximum aperture at all focal lengths (as in a 28-70mm f/2.8 lens), while varifocals have maximum apertures that increase (in number, but decrease is size!) as the focal length increases (as in a 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, which has a maximum aperture of f/3.5 at 28mm, that becomes smaller in size as the focal length increases until it reaches a value of f/5.6 at 70mm). Varifocals are easier to design and build than true zooms which explains their ubiquity in the camera market. Note that they are commonly, but erroneously, referred to as zoom lenses by users and manufacturers alike.

How do contact lenses work?

thin lenses help for longsighted people and thick lenses help shortsighted people

How do convex lenses work?

convex lenses bend light to a smaller beam

Will Olympus SLR lenses work on an SLR digital camera?

No, Unless the SLR camera is Olympus it will not work because Olympus lenses sue 4/3rd lenses and will not fit on any other camera

How do colored contact lenses work?

They work just like the way normal contact lenses work..the power is put inside them. But they are for more costly and take time too.

How do photochromatic lenses work?

Photochromatic lenses are commonly called transition lenses. The lens is clear, but when exposed to the sun's UV rays, they will darken like sunglasses.

How do glasses and contact lenses work?

Glasses lenses and contact lenses direct light to hit directly on your retina as a single point. That is what makes a clear image.

How do lenses work?

by refracting light

What are some contact lenses that are recommended for dry eyes?

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are the most common and most effective lenses for dry eyes. Lenses with extreme H2O and proclear soft contact lenses also work against dry eyes.

How do eye contact lenses work?

Contact lenses work very similarly to glasses in terms of repairing vision. They are magnified lenses that enlarge everything in sight. Lenses are shaped to conform to the shape of your eyes. Once patients who wear them get comfortable wearing them, they shouldn't even notice they are in. Special lenses are made for those with irregularly shaped eyes (astigmatisms, toric lenses). These are supposed to fit better and not fall out or get irritated as often.

How does concave lens work?

Concave lenses work by refraction of light.

How does lenses work in camera?

It just works!

Do tinted lenses work with transitions?

No they do not. Transitions cannot be tinted because it will not be effective. However, Polarized lenses can be tinted darker.

What lenses will fit your Sony DSLR-A-100K camera?

The AF 'A' Mount Minolta lenses work on the Sony, also sigma and tamron do a range of lenses to fit Sony Alpha models.

Where can an explanation of how camera lenses work be found?

Information on how camera lenses work is available from many websites. Among them are Wikipedia, eHow, How Stuff Works, YouTube, Photo Technique, and ePhotozine.

Will Nikon d50 lenses work with Nikon d5000 cameras?

Yes but older AF lenses that do not have an autofocus motor in them will not autofocus with the D5000.

Does a full frame camera needs special lenses?

Each system has different mount lenses and within each system you will have lenses compatible with a full frame sensor labelled different than in another system. Typically crop sensor work with all lenses within the system and full frame sensors work with lenses designed for a full frame sensor. Check with the manufacturer. For example with Canon: EF-S are lenses compatible with crop bodies, but NOT with full frame bodies. EF are lenses compatible with both crop and full frame bodies.

What is the best Canon digital camera lenses in the market?

The best Canon digital camera lenses can be found on the Canon official website. You can find different lenses which would work better for certain cameras and situations.

Will lenses from 35MM camera work on newer DSLR cameras?

It depends on the brand of camera and the type of lens. Most Nikon film SLR lenses will work (in manual mode) on their digital SLR cameras. Many Canon lenses will work on new Canon SLR cameras, but you have to check compatability between the camera model and the type of lens. Sony purhcased the Minolta digital camera division, so all Sony Alpha DSLRs will use Minolta lenses.

How do you know which lenses work in the canon rebel T1?

All Canon Rebel DSLR cameras uses EF lenses that fit the Canon EF Mount.

Canon AV-1 Will AE-1 lenses work with it?


How does a monocular work?

A series of internal lenses that magnify the image you are looking at.

How does contact lenses work how does it work when you are nearsighted farsighted?

Contact lenses is another way to correct vision besides wearing glasses. I am nearsighted and can't see anything without my glasses. It corrects my vision and I don't have to worry about having my glasses break