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What did victors father tell him in Frankenstein?

that he had died

Why is Frankenstein called Frankenstein?

Frankenstein is victors last named .victor is the creator ,the monster didn't have any name

Where did Frankenstein create the monster?

He was created in Victors lab.

What would renew all the agony of victors nervous systems in Frankenstein?


How do you say tourment in french?

Tourment is the French word for torment

Who is Elizabeth and how does Frankenstein feel about her?

Elizabeth is Victors wife, and she loves him, but is often annoyed by his scientific pursuits.

What is the name of the professor at Ingolstadt who taught Victor Frankenstein?

Two professors at Ingolstadt who impressed and taught Victor Frankenstein were M. Krempe and M. Waldman.

How is Frankenstein a tragic novel?

Frankenstein is a tragic story because it is about a scientist named Victor Frankenstein whose mother died in giving birth to Victors little brother. when victors mother dies, he goes to her grave and he promises her that he will find the cure to immortality. he then proceeds to creating an immortal. he creates a human with body bits from dead bodies. he then puts a brain of one of the great scientist and brings the monster alive. when he sees the monster he doesn't think about the consequences about what can happen to the monster. victor was responsible for the monster but he abandoned it. the monster wants revenge so he goes to victors house and kills victors father and then he kills victors brother. the murder of victors brother goes to victors friends head. so the monster killed victors Father brother and friend. then on the wedding night of victor, the monster kills victors bride. now the monster has killed victor bride. then the monster wants victor to create him a bride which victor refuses. victor then brings back Elizabeth his bride, back to life. but then the monster wants Elizabeth Elizabeth doesn't want this and she sets fire to herself and then she burns victors whole house. Frankenstein is a tragic story because so many people died because of victors lack of responsibility towards his creation

In Frankenstein what causes victors mother to die?

Victor's mother dies by catching the scarlet fever that she helped Elizabeth get rid of.

What is the noun for tourment?

The word tourment is the French spelling for the English word torment, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for great suffering.

What is the collective noun for professors?

Some collective nouns for professors are:a patience of professorsa pomposity of professorsa procrastination of professorsan arrogance of professorsan anthology of professorsan absence of professorsa profundity of professorsa passel of professorsa beard of professors

How does victor Frankenstein go about creating a human being?

Victor Frankenstein's life story is at the heart of Frankenstein. He learns about modern science & masters all that his professors have to teach him. He becomes fascinated with the "secret of life," discovers it, and brings a hideous monster to life.

Why does the devil tourment us?

Because we would allow such a thing.

Which incidents from Frankenstein most clearly develop the theme of pursuit of knowledge?

victors trip to the mountains to ease his grief and the monsters responde to the coming of spring. APEXX

Who won the 09 city tourment.?

Prarie Trail Middle School

What type of dragon did harry face in the triwizard tourment?

a hungarian horntail

How does victors mother die in Frankenstein?

When her adopted daughter, Elizabeth, contracts the scarlet fever, she nurses her back to health. However, the effort and time weakens Victor's mother and she gets the fever from Elizabeth.

Who were the victors in Hunger Games Mockingjay?

There are no victors in Mocking Jay. The Hunger Games do not take place and, therefore, there are no victors.

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World cup

What is the song being played at the US Open teniss tourment?

Eminent front by the Who

When was Victors FC created?

Victors FC was created in 2001.

When did Jan Victors die?

Jan Victors died in 1676.

When was Jan Victors born?

Jan Victors was born in 1619.

Who were the victors of the Battle of Gettysburg?

Meade's Union forces were the victors.

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The Americans were the victors in the battle at Princeton.