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Their Zombies are actually living people, not living corpses that returned from the dead. They give their living victim a potion witch contains a strong neurotoxin that makes the victim braindead. They live, but look like they are on the verge of death. they are braindead wictch means that they no longer have a mind and are lust like living corpses. Concerned people bury the victim, thinking he's dead. The voodoo witchdoctor digs up his victim and his zombie is ready.

sauce: The zombie survival guide

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Q: How do voodoo people make zombies?
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What is a voodoo zombie?

Apparently in Haiti people have been turned to zombies and raised from the dead by voodoo rituals. It it also believed that a normal person can enter a temporary zombie-like state by injecting certain drugs into their bloodstream have u seen chuckie he had a voodoo dolll of that black man

Where id zombies originate?

Stories of zombies first originated in the voodoo religion popular in the Carribean.

What country originate came the zombies?

Voodoo, perhaps Haiti or West Africa.

How do you obtain raise zombies in vampire wars?

challenge a Haitian voodoo gang

Who was the founder of the group the zombies?

No one actually thought of it, it was first just a religious belief that started in Haiti called Voodoo and it was thought with it you could put a spell on the dead to resurrect their corpse or turn people into mindless drones, that may be where people derived the idea for zombies.

What is the scroll that gives you the ability to get voodoo dolls?

You do not need a scroll to obtain Voodoo Dolls. Most people make their own voodoo dolls, or they can be purchased.

Where can you get voodoo dolls?

Most people that honestly use voodoo dolls will make them their self to suit their intended purpose.

What do voodoo people beleve in?


How many zombies there in the world?

well actually none that i know. but i have a book all about them and it said this: IF THE GOVERMENT LET THE VOODOO OR BLACK MAGIC PEOPLE MAKE AN APOCOLYPSE THERE WOULD BE ONE!! but if you want to know if there is one go to this website

Why do people think zombies are real?

Well, Movies Make People Believe Many Things Zombies Are Just One.

Can people make zombies with element 155?

No, stop playing Nazi Zombies and go outside.

When was Voodoo People created?

Voodoo People was created on 1994-09-12.