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They work on compressed air. Water is the propellant but the compressed air forces it out under pressure.

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Q: How do water rockets work?
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What is the difference between water rockets and modern rockets?

Water rockets use water and air modern rockets use thrust and oxygen.

What is the difference between solid rockets and liquid rockets?

solid rockets use blackpowder to propel the rocket, while water (and pressure) propels liquid rockets

Why do rockets take off?

Rockets take off to carry things (called payloads) into space. Do you mean 'how' do rockets take off, or how do rockets work?

Will rockets work in space?

Yes. The space shuttle uses rockets in space to manuever.

Do rockets work better in space or in air?

Rockets generally work better in the space as compared on air. This is because there is no air resistance on the space.

Are body tubes good for water rockets?

Yes, the NASA website even has tutorials for how to build water rockets with body tubes.

How do rockets work?

action - reaction principle.

Do model rockets and real rockets work the same?

Yes, both work by action/reaction. Model rockets are just much smaller, thus have much less fuel, so can't go near as high or as far.

Can razor dirt rockets go through water?

No they cannot. Why do you think that they're called 'dirt rockets'

Why do water rockets need fins?

Water rockets need fins because the rocket needs to stay in balance....without fins on a water rocket, the water rocket would be going out of control because it is not in balance!

How do you increase height of water rockets with only water?

Less water more air

What law is the reason rockets work?

Galileo's law

Can you give me info on lemon juice rockets?

it does not work

How do model rockets work?

The most advanced rockets work like their larger counterparts: solid fuel is burned inside a tube, and the exhaust gases rush out (down), pushing the rocket in the opposite direction (up). Other rockets use pressurized water or carbon dioxide as propellants, again being released in the downward direction so that the opposite force is applied to lift the rocket.

How do water rockets fly?

Water rockets uses the water as a fuel for take off. The water is the thing that made it fly as friction opposes the water and the air, hence , the water rocket will fly. The distance the rocket travelled is affected by how it was made, amount of water, and how well it was made.

Why do you need water for bottle rockets?

water is needed to keep the air in until the water is expelled out.

What do rockets need to travel into space?

air and water

What do rockets need to burn fuel?

they need water.

How much water do you put in the bottle rocket?

If you mean the water-and-compressed-air powered toy rockets, they generally work best when filled about halfway... but don't take my word for it, try different water levels and see!

How do water bottle rockets fly?

The bottle is partly filled with water and sealed. The bottle is then pressurized with a gas, usually air compressed from a bicycle pump. that basically work on Newton's law of reaction.

What rockets did Von Braun work on after the V-2?

After WW2 he developed three rockets for the US: the Redstone, the Jupiter and then Project Apollo's Saturn.

What materials do you use to make water rockets?

What materials do you need to build a water rocket?

What law is in water bottle rockets?

Newton's third law

Would it be better if rockets were lauched over water or land?


How do pop bottle rockets work?

There is water in the bottle and the air gets compressed to launch the bottle into the air, and when it reaches apegy, the parachute comes out and lands the bottle safely.