How do we see most objects?


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With our eyes spastic


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No. Most objects you see need to be shined on by a source of light, otherwise you don't see them.

we see objects with our (your) eyes

The objects used to make sand are... Small all most impossible to see rocks and pebals.

The mass of the most objects is too small to cause a force large enough to notice. This is why you don't see the objects moving toward each other.

The most common instrument used to see distant objects on earth is the telescope, but binoculars may be used as well.

You can see objects with your own two eyes.

As most objects do NOT produce their own light, we see them when they reflects light from other sources. The light that reflected from non-luminous objects comes from a light source like Sun or lamp.

You see Mars for the same reason that you see most objects: it reflects light from the sun.

Because the objects that you can see are made up of many atoms.

you see with your pupil.

A magnifier lens or magnifying glass is used to see minute objects, and a microscope is used to see microscopic objects.

Objects with the most surface area.

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