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Q: How do we use control technology at home?
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How did Mesopotamians use technology tocontrol their water supply?

How did ancient Mesopotamian farmers use technology to control their water supply?”

What is by wire technology?

wire technology is the use of wire to control the minds of pakis.

How do you use Information Technology in the home?

we use technology at home, by using our heating, computers, laptops and even our T.V xxx

Do you control technology or does technology control us?

we control technology to how much extent can it control us

How can wecontrol the misuse of technology?

Yes, if we act in a responsible manner for what we do as we control what we do including how we use or misuse technology

Is Technology not control over technology?

No, because technology isn't just what people make, technology is also grass, water, etc. Technology is everything in this world, in a way. Trust me when I say this, because I had to do a home work assignment on this.

What does control and technology mean?

Knowledge that isn't allowed to get out of control. REMEMBER? the definition of "technology" = knowledge

Do you control technology or does tecnology control us?


What is a well-known DRM technology designed to encrypt and control the use of content stored on DVDs?


Are you in favor of the enactment and enforcement of laws that will regulate and control the use of computer technology?

I don't understand. In what way?

How do you use voice control?

triple click the home button

What is control m in mainframe technology?

Control-m is a tool for scheduling and monitoring jobs in mainframe technology