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we control technology to how much extent can it control us

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Q: Do you control technology or does technology control us?
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Do you control technology or does tecnology control us?


How has technology allowed us to control the flow of blood in humans?

Im Sorry But We Don't have This Answer :(

Is man in control of technology or is technology controlling man?

Sounds like a term paper or homework assignment. It's something you must answer for yourself. But if you want my opinoin technology controls us.

What does control and technology mean?

Control mean safety and security. Technology mean progress.

What are the four categories of technology?

Cost control, technology helps saves cost by replacing human task. Revenue Generation: technology helps generate income, especially for those that have made discoveries. Security: technology has help us improve our technology.

How has technology allowed us to control the flow of blood in your bodies?

technology has helped control the blood flow by putting in a fake heart or a microchip in your heart which does the same job as the heart but has to be replaced

What is control m in mainframe technology?

Control-m is a tool for scheduling and monitoring jobs in mainframe technology

What type of technology is a hovercraft?

Hyperbaric flow control technology.

What is meant by agent control in web graphics?

it is basically a animation technology which allows us to display animated characters on your desktop

Discuss how the changes in technology have affected the effectiveness of US export control policy?

Changes in technology have allowed the US to decrease the educational gap and increase higher learning, with more individuals receiving degrees. Technology has also prepared the US government whenÊdealing with attacks and terrorism on its soil, with advanced tools used by the military.

What is the verb for technology?

Calculate, command and control are some of the verbs for technology.

Can technology control water movements?


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