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They have a program that records everythong that you do on their websited

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Q: How do websites track you and your computer?
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Can you track computer websites from a different computer?

Yes.You can use iMonitor computer monitoring software, which allows you to track all the websites that are being used on your computer. This is the website of iMonitorsoft: www. imonitorsoft. com/employee-monitoring-software.html

Can someone track the websites you view?

It is possible for someone to track the websites you view. The easiest way is by checking the browse history on your computer.

How can computer virus affect your computer?

They can harm your computer financially, they can cause your computer to slow down, crash your computer, track websites you have been on and, they will log user information.

Can the law track your computer?

The authorities would need a court order to look at files on your computer. There are more risks from Internet websites which track users through cookies.

Can the police see what websites you visited?

If they wish and are authorized, the police can track everything in or out of your computer.

Can your office track websites you visit?

Yes, most companies have some sort of system set up to track websites that are visited on an office computer. Clearing search histories can work depending on what is used to monitor the computers.

Can your parents track your websites after you reset to default?

Yes. So don't go anywhere you're not supposed to. A reasonably technically savvy parent can track everything you do on the computer.

How could you use the computer to help you track how you spend your money?

there are a few programs determined, and made to help you keep track of the money you spend, but as well there are credit card websites, (cough* discover card) that allow you to track the money you spend on your card. Most banks have websites, and you may be able to check your balance on those.

Where can one download a computer alarm?

Computer alarms are software programs that keep track of time and provide an alarm when needed. They can be found on many websites including CNET, Filehorse, and Drive-Sorftware.

I had my phone taken how do i track it from a computer?

I had my phone taken how do i track it from a computer?

How do website use cookies?

Websites use cookies to record a specific computer's visit to the site. Cookies keep track of the pages visited on the site and the number of page hits. Websites use this information to improve business models.

Where can one track flight IBEX 35?

There are many companies and websites that offer the ability to track flight like flight IBEX 35. Some of these websites that track the flight are Flightstats and FlightAware.

What computer language do you write websites in?

You don't write websites in computer language, but there is programs online that you can make websites on. Hoped I helped!

What websites have computer help online?

Computer hope and computer help both are websites where you can get help with your computer online. Myphonesupport is another site similar to the mentioned.

What kind damage can spyware cause to you?

Spyware does what it sounds like -- "spies" on you. They can see the websites you visit, track the keyboard keys you type, or even see everything that's happening on your computer screen.

Do people like computer and why do they like the computer is it because of the games websites on the computer or music websites which one do you think?

yea people like computer in every

Where can one track stock performance online?

There are several business and finance websites that oen can track stock performance online. These websites include Yahoo Finance, Business Week, and NASDAQ.

What is a good computer monitoring system to keep track of my children's computer usage?

A good program to keep track of children's computer usage would be a Keystroke Logger such as Spytector and Remote Spy. Keyloggers keep track of all activities that are processed when the program is on.

Which are the best Websites to track rock charts?


What does java do for a computer?

What Java does for a computer is that it enables you to use certain applications and access certain websites. For example, Java enables a computer to connect to interactive game websites.

A computer that hosts one or more websites is called?

A computer that hosts, or rather "serves up" websites is called a Web Server.

Can you stop other language websites on your computer?

Do you mean can you stop websites in other languages from appearing on your computer? Sure, if you stop clicking on the URLs that lead to them, they will stop appearing on your computer.

How do you get viruses in you computer?

viruses go into your computer when you go on websites you've never heard of or they have inappropriate things on them.beware of these websites and if you accidentally end up on those websites quickly get off.

Where can people go to find computer troubleshooters?

Computer troubleshooters are located on websites such as Windows's websites. They also can be found in your computer's guide/manual. Computer troubleshooters are sometimes, even installed programs on your computer made to assist you when you're in need.

Can police track your computer?

not yet