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Werewolves are born in the imagination. Their habitat is night time fears.

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What is the possessive form of werewolves?

Singular Possessive Form = werewolf's Plural Possessive Form = werewolves'

Are werewolves kind when not in their wolf form?

There are NO werewolves. They are NOT REAL and do NOT exist.

What abilities do werewolves have in human form?

Werewolves are said to have heightened senses of smell and hearing while in human form.

What is the difference between werewolves and vampires?

vampires drink blood, we werewolves don't. vampires are burned by sunlight, werewolves in their human form or animal form don't. these are some differences.

What do werewolves eat when in werewolf form?

The fictional characters called werewolves eat flesh.

Do werewolves mate in human form or wolf form?

human and wolf

Can a human be turned lycan?

No, lycans are born lycans, humans can however, be turned into werewolves, as werewolves, in most cases, are made and not born unless two werewolves have mated or had sex in either wolf form or human form.

Can werewolves change form?

To answer simply, yes. Yes WereWolves can Change form. This is commonly known as a Shift. in some movies were.wolves can change at any time

Are vampires better or are werewolves better?

Yes they are because they are always in their form where as werewolves can only change on a full moon.

Are twilight vampires stronger than werewolves?

Yes! they are but in twilight werewolves appear in the form of a human like Jacob does.

What is the werewolves home?

Where ever it lives in human form.

Do werewolves age?

Although there are many myths and legends concerning werewolves, it is generally accepted that werewolves do age, although far slower than humans and not while they are in wolf form.

Can werewolves read other werwolves minds?

Yes, while in wolf form.Your wrong. Werewolves can read minds no matter what.

Do werewolves eat chocolate?

When in their human form, werewolves eat chocolate along with other normal food. But when in their wolf form, werewolves are not interested in chocolate. But because werewolves are fictional (imaginary), the creator (writer / author) of a werewolf story could have werewolf characters eat whatever the writer decides they should eat.

Locations of Australian werewolves?

Where ever they live in human form.

Can werewolves be in sunlight?

yes, and so can the vampires in the twilight saga. the werewolves in the twilight saga arent actually werewolves as well, they are just shape-shifters that happen to take the form of the wolf because of their ancestors.

Where are werewolves located?

Anywhere, seeing as they are in human form for the majority of the time.

Are werewolves kind?

well, in human form its their choice to be kind or mean. Normally in human form werewolves are mysterious and quiet. In werewolf form, they are more scary and can be provoked very quickly (just like normal wolfs in the wild).

What is the language for werewolves?

When they are in human form, it is just their normal human lanuage, when in wolf form, they comminicate to other werewolves by howling, snarling, growling, the normal wolf stuff.

What are werewolves frightened of?

Seeing as werewolves are usually in human form they can be frightened of anything that a human could be frightened of. Though they are usually frightened of their change, as it hurts them.

Do werewolves only apper at night?

\rewolves are out all day. in the afternoon they are in the human form. At night they transform into a wolf. while the wolf is in wolf form it hunts for food. Beware , werewolves are everywhere so watch out for your actions because you might end up being the werewolves dinner.! BEWARE!

How do werewolves defend their selves if they are harmed?

Well, they might turn into them, (if they can choose when they turn into them that is) and practically kill the person/creature that is getting in their way, or if their in their human form...? They might carry a weapon around with them? But i have never heard of werewolves carrying weapons around with them, i mean, they are werewolves! But if they die during their wolf-form then they die whist in their human form too. (...sad...)| |___

Can fairies in their human size be sexually abused by werewolves in their human form?

Werewolves in their active state are not interested in something as mundane as sex. In their inactive form they would be as sexually intrigued as any normal to virile adult.

What are vampires and werewolves?

Werewolves are animals that are half- dog, half-human. they can either appear in human form or wolf-form. It's hard to describe vampires and say what they are. They have fangs when they are getting food. They usually appear in human form. And they are real, whether you like it or not!

When are werewolfs born?

Werewolves are born human, but one day in later life they might get cut/scratched/mauled by one and then they turn into a werewolf. Either that or you may get a lycan if two werewolves mate - whether they mate in human form or wolf form. Lycans are able to change whenever they want to, unlike werewolves.

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