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Why are whale sharks so big?

because they are

What do whale sharks use to filter food from water?

Whale sharks have the same type of teeth as whales. These teeth filter the water so that the sharks can eat their diet of plankton and small fish.

What are whale sharks adaptations?

because they are so big no most preditors do not try

Is a whale shark coldblooded?

No, Whales are mammals, so they are warmblooded ^^^^^That is wrong^^^^^ whale sharks are sharks, so they are cold-blooded :)

What is so important about whale sharks?

whale sharks are the most biggest whale...or a lives on Philippine waters. they do not eat humans

Which is bigger whale or shark?

Whale sharks are the largest sharks. But the blue whale is the largest whale. and the blue shark is the largest animal on earth. So whales win.

Why are whale sharks so called?

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a shark, which is a fish. It should not be confused with a whale, which is a mammal.Whale sharks have this common name only because they are the largest living sharks in today's oceans.

What is the whale sharks pray?

The whale shark is a filter feeder so it eats whatever is in the water it intakes. The whale shark is not in any near future danger of starvation because of this.

Can whale sharks see?

Yes, Whale Sharks can see but there eyes are so small compared to there bodies that you can hardly see them,

Do whale sharks eat crabs?

Whale sharks are slow moving plankton filter feeders. So would not eat crabs.

Is a whale shark a whale or shark or mammal or a fish?

A whale shark is a type of shark. Sharks are fish, so therefore so is the whale shark.

Is a whale shark a hybrid?

No, whale sharks are not hybrid. They are a species of shark. The reason they are called whale sharks is because they are so large, measuring up to fifty feet long.

Why is it important that penguins survive?

So they can be food for whale sharks...

What is whale sharks afraid of?

Animals have no emotions, at least if you are a christian you believe this, as it is said in the bible. Thus, the whale sharks has no sense of fear, so it is afraid of nothing

How can sharks jump so high out of the water?

because the muscle in the tail is so big and strong like me

Does anything eat whale sharks?

People eat sharks. Whales are all blubber, no meat, so I wouldn't think so.

Does a whale shark have teath?

Yes whale sharks have teeth, but they are not aggressive like some sharks, so they never attack people. I hope this helps and please recommend me!

What are the whale sharks enemies?

Since Whale sharks are so large, they don't have very many predators. The only major predator is us. We humans kill tens of thousands of sharks every year for the fin trade.-----------------------------------An adult whale shark has no predators but juveniles are predated by other sharks and even marlin.

What are the sharks are proven not to attack?

Big fish like whales they are so big they scare sharks

Does the whale shark live in the rocky shore?

Most whale sharks, live in the deep ocean and feed on plankton. They live in the open ocean, so the large sharks will not be stranded in the shallows, and to avoid predators that live near the shore. Plankton can be found in the cold deep waters of the ocean, so that is where whale sharks tend to live.

How many whale sharks are left in the world?

They are endangered, so not too many.

Are big fish and sharks the same?

Sword fish, Bluefin tuna and many other fish species are considered "big fish" or more accurately "big game fish" which are not sharks. Thought the largest fish in the ocean is the Whale shark, some shark species (e.g. dogfish, nurse shark, etc.) can be very small in size so not all sharks are "big fish".

Are big fish omnivores?

Sharks are considered as "big fish" and sharks are carnivores so it depends on what big fish you are talking about.

What are whale sharkes?

Maybe you mean whale sharks, with no e in sharks. If so, whale sharks are the biggest type of fish, let alone shark. They have huge mouths, like whales. They actually look a little like whales, which is where they got their name. They are not, however, whales. Whales are mammals, not fish.

Why is the whale shark is so big and harmless?

Because it needs to be able to protect its self.It is one of the top hunted sharks in the world.It is called the gentle giant for a reason.