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How do wolves adapt to their habitat?

wolves adapt their environment by going to a place to hunt and in order to survive.

How does a dog survive in its habitat?

Well if it is wild it is a wolf(if not tamed) but the survive the way wolves would hunt and adapt.

What is a Wolves habitat?


How does a cheetah survive in its habitat?

a cheetah can survive in a cold habitat with its coat

What is a Arctic wolves habitat?

it's habitat is a Coniferous forest.

How do ocean fish survive in their habitat?

fish use their gills to survive in their habitat.

How do animal survive in their different habitat?

how do animals survive in thier different habitat

What habitat do wolves prefer?

out in forest

What is The Gray Wolves Habitat?

a cave

What is in a gray wolf's habitat?

A Gray Wolves habitat is found mostly in the Northern Hemisphere you can not find Gray Wolves in tropical areas.

How do Himalayan wolves survive in Antarctica?

There are no Himalayan wolves in Antarctica.

What habitat does a tiger need to survive?

they need a shelterd and warm and cozzy habitat to survive

How does a wolves secure its habitat?

Wolves, like dogs, mark out their territory with urine.

Are arctic wolves in danger of extinction?

The wolves are endangered because we are destroying their habitat.

What is the plural possessive form of wolves?

The possessive form for the plural noun wolves is wolves'.Example:The wolves' habitat is shrinking steadily.

How do humans affect the population of wolves?

Well when people encroach on the wolve's natural habitat we destroy their habitat and their prey items. Without these things a wolf pack could not survive. Plus some people think of wolves in the U.S as a big game animal. In third world countries such as Russia many people think of wolves as pests. On farms in places like for example India farmers kill wolves because wolves prey upon the farmer's livestock.

How does a crabs outer shell help it survive in its habitat?

Why does a crab she'll help it survive in his habitat

How does weather affect wolves?

Wolves can survive in hot or cold weather

What is the habitat of Arctic wolves?

Snowy tundra

How do wolves stay a way from their predators?

Wolves are apex predators and have no predators in their habitat.

How much land does a Panda need to survive?

What type of habitat does the panda need to survive What type of habitat does the panda need to survive

How does a gorilla survive in its habitat?

bro its habitat is cool

How do birds survive in their habitat?

they adapt to their habitat, enviroment.

How does a jellyfish adapt to survive in its habitat?

by adapting to its habitat

Would a tiger survive in another habitat?

Well, the usual habitat for a tiger is a jungle. If moved, the tiger will probably not survive the change in habitat.

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