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women get turned on it different ways but for me i get turned on my watching porn and sticking a vibrator up my fanny you should try it.

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How are women turned on?

Most women are turned on by you showing her a go time and kissing her neck or gently nibbling on their ear

Do women get turned on by there pants rubbing them?

uhh no...

Are women turned on by men wearing high heels?

PERSONALLY I am not turned on by that. But that is only speaking for myself.

Why are girls turned on looking at naked girls?

It depends on the women. Naturally, lesbians would be turned on by seeing other women naked. Not every woman is turned on by seeing another woman naked, since what do the other women have that they don't? But if you find this to be sexually arousing, you will be aroused when you see it.

Industry turned to who for help?

Women replaced men.

Are there really women that are turned on by crossdressers?

Yes, it is true.

How does a lad get turned on?

A lad can turned on by hot women or if a you are gay you will be turned on by hot guys. dont be ashamed it happens to all boys/guys

Do women get turned on easily?

Just like men, different women respond to different things, and some women are more easily turned on than others. There is a lot of variation. On average, however, despite the stereotypes, women are just as frequently aroused as men.

What do you call a guy who is turned on by telling women he is gay?


What happened to the Vikings after the Viking Age was over?

They turned into women

What is all about the poverty of a woman who turned herself into a stone?

how will you tackle the situation of being one of the oppressed and deprived people of society if you where the women in the poem "THE POVERTY OF A WOMEN WHO TURNED HERSELF INTO STONE"

Can 2 women have a baby?

It depends. If one of them have turned themselfves into a man, yes you could but if your both women no.

Who is Tiresias?

tiresias was a blind prophet in the land of thebes. he was a women for seven years because he struck a couple havins sex in the woods and they turned him into a women for what he has done. he was also a cross dresser who dressed as women when he was turned back into a men. he would go to the temples and pray as if he were a women.

What should a guy whisper in a girl's ear to turn her on?

It depends on what the girl in question likes. Some women are turned on by romantic and sensual things, while others are turned on by dirty talk and dominant words. Some women are not turned on by whispering at all.

What women who Zeus turned into a white cow to hide from Hera?


Why do women love female wrestling?

Because the guys get turned on by waching it!

Are women turned on by men in high heels?

I personally am not. I Like a masculan man.

Do women get turned on by being tickled?

That depends on the woman. Some do, some don't

What do girls think when men get erections?

Honestly, I think most women think that the male sex organs look a bit silly. Women are not turned on by visual things the way men are. Women are stimulated by emotions, thoughts, and other things that men have trouble with. Men are turned on by what they see. When a man has an erection, most women just think, "that guy has an erection."

Can women who turn into men have erections?

WOW! no, because they would not have fully turned into a man.

How do you tell if a women is turned on?

Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly and the switch is in the "ON" position

Why should women serve in the military?

women should be able to serve in the military because they are becoming more and more powerful in every other aspect of life, why not in the military? As a military hopeful myself, I see no reason for woman to be turned away from the military. If we can pass the same tests as the men and do everything that they can do, then why would we be turned away because of the way that we were born. Also, the military has education options, like paying for college. If someone said that women don't belong in the military, and should be turned away, then they are also saying that women should be turned away from college options.

What did Hera do to women that her husband Zeus was having affairs with?

Hera took revenge on the women. For example, when Zeus had an affair with Callisto, she turned Callisto into a bear.

What was the impact of ottoman reforms on women?

The women started getting high on crack and then eating people. Then the ottomans turned them into zombies to take over the world

What do you do if your turned on by cartoon women and your a girl does that mean your a lesbian yourself?

Being turned on just means you get turned on by it, not that you would fall in love with a woman. Many people experiment with the same sex sexually without being homosexuals.

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