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Oel ngati kameie :D it almost means I love you.

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Q: How do yo say 'I See You' in Na'vi?
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How do you say prophet in hebrew?

Navi (×?ביא)

How do i say always you and me in spanish?

Siempre Tu y yo. (See-Emm-Pray Too why yo)

How do you pronounce Navi's name?

You say Nar ve.

How do you say when i see you in Spanish?

cuándo yo le veo

How do you say i cant see you in spanish?

Formal is: Yo no puede veo Usted. Informal is: Yo no puede veo tu.

How do you say i love you very much and when i see you i see a beautiful angel?

you say: yo te amo muchisimo or yo te amo mucho, and cuando te veo, veo un hermoso angel.

How do you say merry chirs mas in mesican?

felize navi dad

How do you say He is a righteous prophet in Hebrew?

hu navi tsodek (הוא נביא צודק)

How many times does Navi say hey?

as many times as it has to to get your attention

How do you say i see in Korea?

(al-ayo) sounds like "eyed-eye-yo"

How do you say i rather see you happy in spanish?

Yo te prefiero ver feliz.

What is the meaning of seyon in Tamil I know its Lord Muruga name and how do we pronounce it see yo n or say yo on?

It means "youthful"; pronouced "sayyon"