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Navi (×?ביא)

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Q: How do you say prophet in hebrew?
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How do you say He is a righteous prophet in Hebrew?

hu navi tsodek (הוא נביא צודק)

Hebrew prophet letter moham?

There is no Hebrew prophet named Moham.

Was Jonah a Hebrew assistant?

No, he was a Hebrew prophet.

What is the Hebrew word for prophet?

Navi is the Hebrew word for prophet - נביא

What is the Hebrew word Nevis?

Nevis is not a Hebrew word but it's close to:nevi (נביא) = "prophet of"navi (נביא) = "prophet"

What is a name of a Hebrew prophet?

Jermiah was one of the Hebrew Prophets.

What are the Hebrew words for healing and prophet?

healing = refu'ah (רפואה) prophet = navi (נביא)

Who was Hebrew prophet and judge in old testament?

Samuel was both a judge and prophet.

What culture is Jeremiah?

Jeremiah the prophet was Hebrew.

What is prophet in the words of a Jewish person?

The Hebrew word for prophet is: Navi (nah-vee)

O-A-i-h a Hebrew prophet of the Old Testament?

Obadiah is the prophet you're looking for.

How do you write the leader and prophet in hebrew?

the leader and prophet = hamanhig vehanavi (המנהיג והנביא)