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To change oil in Saab 9-3 the hood will need to be opened and then the oil drained by using the drain pan. With the oil plug removed, the oil can now be changed.

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Oil filter change for a Saab 93 diesel 2004?

It is a Saab 1.9tid vector sport

Saab 93 oil amount?

6.3 quart

What type of oil does a 2002 Saab 93 use?


Why is there aWhining noise at start up with a Saab 93?

my 2002 93 made this noise, we went for a oil change and they said the tranny oil was really bad so they changed this a the noise stopped.

What kind of oil goes in a Saab 93 2007?

Go to Answers there.

How often should you change the oil on your 2003 Saab 93 Convertible with 112K miles?

Change the oil according to the recommendations of the manufacture listed in your owner's manual. Do not have a manual then change the oil/filter every 5,000 miles with conventional oil and every 7,500 with synthetic.

Is there an alternator fuse in Saab 93?

is there a fuse between alternator and battery on a 2002 saab 93

Will the alloys off your zafira fit a Saab 93?

I have a Saab 2004, 9-3 1.8 i. I changed the oil 0W30 Mobil 1 and I reset the computer. After that I look on screen for the next oil changement. The message was The oil is 45 % used and there are 165 days until change. Does anyone can tell me what's happening?

How do you replace a key battery on a 2004 Saab 93?

How do you replace a key battery on a 2004 Saab 93

How do you change the oil filter and oil in a Saab 93 vector sport?

get a hanyes manual lol take bottom plate off, drain oil, the oil filter is located behind the gearbox. replace it, filler er to the brim wi oil again! lol :P

Problems with Saab 93 2004?

Where is the low pressure port to recharge air conditioner on 2004 saab 93 linear

How much Saab 93 rear bumper?

how much will it cost to replace rear bumper cover on 2003 93 saab

How do you change blower motor on 2004 Saab 93?

get in the car and ask home depot or werever you got it

Replace oil pump Ford Explorer 93?

how do i change m oil pump on my 93' explorer

Is your Saab 93 negative earth?


Are Saab 93 aerials real?


How do you replace a water pump on a 2004 Saab 93?

video how to take off step by step water pump and timing chain Saab 93 2004

Which website offers the best information regarding Saab 93 cars?

There are quite a handful of websites that offer detailed information about the Saab 93 vehicle. The best place to check would be the official website for Saab itself.

What size of engine is in the Saab 93 2003?


What are the release dates for The Car Coach - 2011 SAAB 93 Convertible?

The Car Coach - 2011 SAAB 93 Convertible was released on: USA: 3 May 2011

Is it okay to change a '93 Ford Escort LX from a synthetic oil to a mineral based oil?

Yes you can change to conventional oil.

What is the bhp of Saab 93 2.2 tid 2003?


How do you Change oil Saab 9 3?

Remove oil sump plug, drain oil. Replace oil filter. Replace oil sump plug. Refil with Mobil 1 oil

How much longer is a Saab 900 convertable than a Saab 93 convertable?

300mm approx check which or autocar for exact

Saab alarm system goes off when driving 2003 Saab 93?

That's an usual fault but suspect CIM