How do you Hang a heavy mantle without cleats or corbels?

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The only other way to hang a heavy mantle, unsupported otherwise elsewhere than at the ends, is to fix it with the help of suitable anchor fasteners available for several reliable makes like Hilti, Fischer, etc.

The structure to be hung must be fixed with suitably designed end plates in structural steel, which then can be anchored on to the receiving surfaces (ends).

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What is the best way to hang a heavy picture on a wall with no stud behind it?

If the wall is made of drywall/sheetrock/gypsum wallboard, use one or more screw anchors. This is a plastic cone that comes with a screw. You drill a hole, push in the plastic cone, and use a screw driver to thread the screw into the anchor. Typically the instructions are on the package of screw anc ( Full Answer )

How do you hang pictures on adobe walls without ruining the wall?

How can you ruin an adobe wall by drilling a small hole in it an inch or so and putting in a brad or finish nail to hang a picture? The wall can be easily patched if you need to take out the nail. It's adobe, which is about as close to dried mud as you can get. There is no way to "drive" anything in ( Full Answer )

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What is the best way to hang a 3 ft wide heavy Mexican sun clay sun with spot welded bronze rays without any obvious attachment points?

Answer . Make sure you are using the correct type of screws if you're attaching it to concrete. If drywall, make sure you are attaching it to a stud inside the wall. Try to get an approximate weight, go to your local hardware store, and ask them to assist you in finding anchors that won't tear t ( Full Answer )

What are cleats?

Cleats are specialized athlete shoe with studs at bottom of sole.This helps athletes increase agility and control of movement on thefield.

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cleates are things that you wear in sports to get more traction when you are running

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Small Velcro® Dots, you can get them at the drug store.. But then you would have to sew the other half of the dot to the flag.. I hung a WW2 Army Air Corps flag by threading a pole through its loops and hanging it vertically with the pole.

Does Mr corbel rock hard?

yes, in fact, he does rock hard, unless he's playing bluegrass, which i suppose you'd say he bluegrasses hard.

What is a corbeled bay window?

A corbeled bay window is an upper floor only bay window that is supported on corbels or brackets. It is called an oriel.

What is in the Mantle?

The earth is like an egg, with different layers. The mantle is under the crust, like the egg white is under the shell.

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Cleats are shoes with spikes or spokes at the bottom. They are designed to keep you from slipping and sliding in snowy or rainy weather or the type of field you play on.

How do you hang a heavy picture on brick inner wall?

Suggestions: . If you are allowed and are sure you want to there are drills that will drill brick and concrete, with wall anchors to go with it. Even a quite large heavy picture will not require a large hole. . If you can not damage the wall do hang your picture, there are removable adhesives th ( Full Answer )

What is the best way to hang heavy things on plaster walls?

The best way is to use an anchoring system. Now which one you should use depends on what you are hanging on the wall. For small things like pictures, plastic anchors work well. For larger, heavier things something like a molly or "butterfly" bolt system should be used.

Mickey Mantle baseball card without signature?

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Can you hang a copy of a published poem without permission?

Technically this is illegal (a breach of copyright) - but if an author objected he would merely be entitled to ask you to 'cease and desist' (take it down). As long as you take it down when (if) you are asked - no problem. Most authors would be happy to give you permission to hang their poem, if ( Full Answer )

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How do you hang a heavy picture on drywall?

for any heavy item use zbar hanger which it comes with holes every 4" and easy to install and safe also you will have gap only 1/4" between art and wall is safe for supper heavy art or mirror ,cabinet and panel. it comes in any size. carry it

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How do you hang a very large and very heavy plate?

Heavy gauge wall brackets mounted directly to studs in the wall. However depending on the weight of the plate, and the type of wall in question. It may be simply unfeasible without shelling out a lot of money.

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Where is the corbels located in the middle ages castle?

Corbels are not features of castles but are found in churches of the 12th and 13th centuries. Norman architects knew that rainwater draining from a large roof down the stone walls of a building would be absorbed by the stones, leading to damp entering the building through the walls, and to prev ( Full Answer )

How can one hang posters without damaging them?

You can hang posters without damaging them by going to your local craft store etc. and purchasing the blue adhesive putty tape. This allows you to stick on the back of your posters therefore does not rip nor tear the poster after use.

What are corbels commonly used for in building?

Corbels are a type of bracket that is used as a support system for an exterior wall of a building. Part of the corbel extends past the exterior wall, and is covered with a cap, called a console. The consoles are usually made of stone and usually have some kind of decorative design etched into them.

In architecture what is a corbel?

In architecture a corbel is a type of bracket or weight within the wall of a building usually around the corners. A console is similar but is attached to the wall rather than being built into it.

Where can one purchase decorative wood corbels?

One can purchase decorative wood corbels online from numerous websites. Decorative wood corbels can also be purchased from a local home improvement store such as Home Depot.

How do you hang a clock without ruining wallpaper?

In order to hang a clock on a wall without ruining the wallpaper, utilising command strips would be your best bet. Alternatively, you could utilise monkey or hurricane hooks.