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You must download an emulator program like the PCSX2 and get a PS2 Bios from a PS2 and then learn to set up and run the emulator program for the different set ups needed to play PS2 game titles. Hint emulator programs are not easy to set up and run and will never play games like a ps2

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How do you join PlayStation 2 to PC?

You can't join a playstation to a PC.

Is fallout 2 for PlayStation?

no, fallout 2 is for pc.

Is bad company 2 for PlayStation 2?

No, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC only.

Can you play a playstation 2 game on your PC?


Is halo for the PlayStation 2?

No, Halo is available exclusively for the PC and XBox consoles, it is not available on the PlayStation 2.

Can you get sim season the game on playstaytion 2?

No you can't. Sims 2 Seasons is an expansion pack for the PC and not the PlayStation 2. The PlayStation 2 does not respond to PC expansion packs. Sorry

Using a PlayStation 2 controller on a PC?

You can't use a playstation controller on a computer.

Is Final Fantasy 10 for PC?

No it is for playstation 2

Can you put a playstation 2 game in your pc and play?


Can you buy marble blast for Playstation 2?

No it is a PC game

Can PC games be played on a playstation 2?

no u cant

Can you convert a PlayStation 2 game into a PC game?

no the PC would have to be converted to play PS2

Can you have an alienbaby on the Sims 2 for PlayStation 2?

no. sims only get pregnant on pc.

Is Half Life 2 Coming out for the PlayStation 2?

No it is a Xbox PC game

Can you play sims 2 life on playstation?

No they are PC versions of the Sims 2

Is the sims 3 for computer only or is it available on PlayStation 2?

it is not avilible for playstation 2 maybe 3 and i know for sure its on PC

Can you have kids of the sims game for the PlayStation?

If you buy sims 2 for PlayStation 2, you cant have children. Which is really bad. But you can have kids on the PC. I just got sims 2 on PC i am so excited! I hope this is helpful! :)

How do you have children on The Sims 2 for the PlayStation 2?

sadly you can not have children on the sims 2 for playstation, xbox or ds. only on the PC hope that helps sorry :)

Can you play playstation3 on a PC?

No you cannot play the PC games on the PlayStation 3 or play PlayStation games on PC

Where you can download Playstation 2 games for PC?

these games are awailable for pc also .put their name and search

Can you convert a playstation 2 CD to PC game CD?

No the PC game is written for different software

Can you have babies on sims 2 for playstaion?

you can on PC but i don't know about playstation

Is spore creatures coming out on the playstation 2?

No. For PC and D.S. only :(

Is the game First Battalion available on Playstation 2?

No it is a PC game

Is there a splinter cell conviction for Playstation 2?

no,it is for xbox 360 and PC