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Q: How do you Update Component Database for version MultiSim v8.3.22?
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Which SQL statement is used to update data in a database?

Which SQL statement is used to update data in a database

How to Update data from jsp into database?

can i get update coding in jsp??

Which sql statement is used to update data from a database?


Describe the database recovery process and the use of deferred-write and write-through techniques?

deferred-write: The transaction do not immediate update database, instead, only update log file. Then when transaction reach commit point, it will update the physical database. write-through: The database is update right away during the transaction execution.

Yes, it will update to the latest version.?

Yes, it will update to the latest version.

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DirectX is an integral component of the Windows operating system. If a newer version exists for your operating system, you will find via the Windows Update applet in Control Panel.

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you can not update because it is different version of same application, different version is not update it is new payable version.

What are the database transactions types?

Insert, Update, Delete

You are updating a field in sql and alter the row also.after giving the commit command the system is crashed.what will happen to the commands givenwhether it will update and alter the table or not?

Your update should be recorded in the database. It depends on what type of crash. You should have hardware redundency, which if one component fails, a backup will ensure your update. All you can really do, is once the system is back up, check the table to see if the update is there.

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How do you update data in a MySQL database using PHP?

To update data from your MySQL database you need to use the mysql_query() function. Please see the example below: <?php mysql_query("UPDATE table_name SET field_name_2 = '77' WHERE field_name = 44"); ?>