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In Judaism
In English, I have seen Rav. as an abbreviation, but it is not common. Most often Rabbi is used in full.

In Hebrew, there is R. ('ר) which is the abbreviation for Rabbi.

What is the plural of rabbi?

The accepted plural form in English is rabbis. However, it iscustomary among English speaking Jews to use the Hebrew plural formfor English words derived from Hebrew. Therefore the Anglo-Hebraicplural for "rabbi" would be "rabbanim".

Will rabbis do exorcism?

No. Most Jews do not believe in demonic possession. . Answer: There are (possibly apocryphal) accounts of Rabbis doing exorcism.However, this is uncommon and definitely not standard practice.

What is a rabbi?

A rabbi is a Jewish religious leader and teacher. If a Jewishperson has a religious question, they usually go to a rabbi. Rabbisalso give spiritual advice. They are not appointed by god. a rabbi is a spiriual leader. each community has at least one rabbi. Rabbis ARE Jewish, and they're teachers and ( Full Answer )

Who are rabbis?

A rabbi by Hebrew definition is a teacher. But really, it's more reffered to someone who teaches Judaism. I should know, I'm Jewish!

What does a rabbi wear?

There is no specific clothings a rabbi is required to wear.Generally, he will have modest, dignified clothing, and a kippah(and/or a hat) on his head.

How do you cure rabbies?

there are no cures unless you act immediatley and and go to your familys veteranarian or doctor if you or anyone in your family has been bitten by a dog with rabbies or if your dog has rabbies. the cure is a shot... a painful shot.

How do you become a rabbi?

You have to attend rabbinical school and spend time in Israel. There are many Jewish scholars who are authorized by the many Jewish courts to teach and ordain Rabbis. Obviously if a person is looking to be a legitimate Jewish Rabbi by the code of Jewish law this excludes reform/conservative/recon ( Full Answer )

Do bunnies have rabbies?

Any rabbit/bunny could have rabies, which is why it is best to NOT pick up stranded or wild rabbits, if you do, I would recommend pick them up with plastic gloves or gardening gloves, whatever will protect you from being bit by a rabbit. Then place him/her in a cardboard box. (Tall enough that he/sh ( Full Answer )

Can a Rabbi be married?

Yes. It is encouraged. A rabbi is considered in many ways to be unable to completely fulfill the responsibilities of his job if he is NOT married.

What is the role of the rabbi?

Even though a rabbi is a teacher and a member of the Jewish clergy, they can do MANY things: 1. Doctor or Mohel to perform Jewish Circumcision 2. Write Jewish Books 3. Kosher Food Supervision 4. Jewish Politics 5. Jewish Courts 6. Jewish Therapy 7. Jewish Lifecycle Events

What does a rabbi do in a wedding?

That depends on where the wedding takes place. -- In classical, Judaic, Rabbinic law, no Rabbi or official of any kind is needed in order to make a marriage 'official'. Nobody 'marries' the couple. They marry themselves and each other, by mutual consent and a series of agreements and action ( Full Answer )

Who is Rabbi Poupko?

Reuven Poupko of Montreal Canada Beth Israel on mackle is the one that likes to bash Lubavitch for no reason. He is also the one that likes to associate with galachim. he is also the one that messed up the Y issue and will go down in history as the one that caused many people to be mechalel shabbat. ( Full Answer )

Can a rabbi get married?

Absolutely! In truth, as Judaism teaches that a man is incomplete if he is not married, it's virtually a requirement for rabbis to marry to perform their duties.

Who was the first Rabbi?

According to tradition, we may ascribe that title to Abraham, since he was the spiritual authority of his time, in matters of serving God, etc. More formally, the Rabbinate as we know it was instituted in Exodus ch.18 and Deuteronomy ch.17, with Moses as the highest authority of his time.

Who is Rabbi Akiva?

Rabbi Akiva was one of the foremost Rabbinic Scholars from the Tannaic period. He lived at the time of the descruction of the second temple and joined forces with Bar Kochba in the revolt against the Romans.. You can read full biographies about Rabbi Akiva at ( Full Answer )

What is a rabbis job?

Specifically, to answer questions about halakha (Jewish law). Generally, to counsel the congregation and settle disputes or questions of any kind.

What is the abbreviation for Rabbi?

If Rabbi is used as an honorific (like Mr. or Dr.) in an context where it would be obvious that such a person is a rabbi, such as a transcript of the Talmud, Rabbi can be abbreviated as R. (in English) or .ר (in Hebrew). However, this only works in a clear context and most often the word "Rabbi" ( Full Answer )

Do coyotes have rabbies?

Coyotes might carry the rabies virus, as they are wild animals, so yes, sometimes they are infected with rabies..

What are the duties of a rabbi?

A Rabbi is a Jewish teacher, but rabbis in modern times also have other functions: . Prayer leader (including weddings and funerals) . Kosher food supervision (orthodox rabbis only) . Religious counseling . Religious school principals

Is rabbi Michael Laitman a rabbi?

Michael Laitman is a con artist in the great never ending sea of religious cults. Stay strong and free by staying away from this rubbish.

What do rabbis wear?

Reform and Conservative Answer Rabbis often follow the custom of wearing robes during the Shabbat and holiday services. The origin of these Robes is 19th Century Europe, where Rabbis were closely assocated with university professors (who wore robes). Also, most rabbis will wear a kippah on their ( Full Answer )

Why is a rabbi a rabbi?

Rabbi means "teacher", but rabbis are also clergy people who can do other things: 1. Write books 2. Kosher food supervision 3. Religious counseling 4. Religious school principals 5. Religious camp owners

What do you have to do to become a rabbi?

You can think of it as a college-level degree. You spend enough time studying the subjects that a rabbi is expected to know, and developing the ability to go further in Judaic studies on your own. Then your academic record of studies, conduct, and exams is reviewed by a 'board' of people who h ( Full Answer )

Why can not you be a rabbi?

The question is very ambiguous ... we don't know who is being addressed. Any Jew who is capable of satisfactorily completing the course of studies, and demonstrating to a court of rabbis his mastery and grasp of the history, culture, and laws, can become a rabbi.

Is a Rabbi a vicar?

Technically no, since a vicar is a Christian spiritual leader whereas a rabbi is Jewish. However, a rabbi can be a bit like a vicar, a lawyer, a teacher and a community leader all rolled into one. They have extensive knowledge of the Torah and may lead community worship as well as providing answers ( Full Answer )

Why do rabbis have beards?

Traditional Answer: Many Orthodox Rabbis do not shave their faces because the Torah specifies that men are to not shave the 'corners' of their head. So that they don't accidentally violate this mitzvah, they don't shave their faces at all. There are some Orthodox Rabbis that remove or shape their ( Full Answer )

How does a rabbi dress?

A Rabbi is a Jewish teacher. There is no special clothing that distinguishes a rabbi from any other Jewish person.

What does a rabbi teach?

First, not all rabbis teach. Of those who do, some teach general religion, others specific areas of halacha (Jewish law), others teach Talmud, some teach Kabbalah, and some teach completely secular subjects such as English, Physics, Math, History, etc.

What is the lifestyle of a rabbi?

Rabbis are a diverse demographic. In general terms, however, Rabbis tend to be married and have a large family, to have gone to Yeshiva and to learn Torah in the present as well, at least part-time; and in many cases to teach Torah and/or to be at the helm of a congregation. Most Rabbis see it as a ( Full Answer )

When can't you be a rabbi?

The question is very ambiguous ... we are left to try and figure out just what the questioner hopes to learn, before we attempt an answer. Here are some characteristics that would bar an individual from being ordained to the rabbinate: All groups within Judaism: -- non-Jew -- age less th ( Full Answer )

What is a Chief Rabbi?

It's a title given in several countries to the recognized religious leader of that country's Jewish community.

What is a rabbi at a synagouge?

A rabbi is first and foremost a teacher. But a rabbi is also the spiritual leader of the congregation, leading services, officiating at weddings and funerals, etc.

What are the wages of a Rabbi?

There is no standard for a Rabbi's salary. It depends on the congregation and the Rabbi's duties.

What is the importance of a rabbi?

A rabbi is a religious leader who ensures that the community is following halacha, or religious law, correctly.

When is rabbi time?

Are you referring to the Hebrew calendar? If so, you'll find everything you need for "rabbi time."

Is a rabbi a minister?

No. The functions of a Rabbi within Judaism are different than the functions of a Minister in Christianity.

What are rabbis not allowed to do?

Rabbis are allowed to do and not do the exact same things as any other Jewish male. There are not any additional restrictions placed on rabbis.

What are functions of a rabbi?

Rabbis do many things: 1. Write Jewish books 2. Supervise kosher food preparation 3. Chaplains in the military 4. Perform Jewish life cycle events 5. Train as mohels for circumcision 6. Visit people in hospitals and prisons 7. Jewish religious counseling

What are the characteristics of a rabbi?

A rabbi is any Jewish person who has received his or her smicha after completing the necessary studies through a recognised yeshiva or school. There are no specific characteristics outside of this.

Does a rabbi have a family?

In almost all cases the answer is yes. The norm for religious Jews is to marry and raise children, and to marry relatively early in life (early twenties).

What do rabbis believe in?

judaism. The Rabbis were and are the transmitters of the Oral Law, which is part of the Torah. It is also known as the Talmud (and commentaries). Rabbis are called upon to teach and explain Torah, and to determine halakhah (Torah law). For a list of the most basic Jewish beliefs, see the attached ( Full Answer )

What does a reform rabbi do?

a reform rabbi functions as a teacher and scholar. Many rabbis alsolead prayer services, conduct weddings and funerals, and generallyserve as leaders of the Jewish community.

Why are there rabbis?

Rabbi is Hebrew for teacher, and they're also clergy people. Rabbisdo many things: 1. Write Jewish books 2. Supervise kosher food preparation 3. Chaplains in the military 4. Perform Jewish life cycle events 5. Train as mohels for circumcision 6. Visit people in hospitals and prisons 7. Jewish religi ( Full Answer )

How do people get rabbis?

1) Individuals may approach any rabbi with their questions. Overthe course of time, a personal connection develops. 2) Communities hire a rabbi by simply approaching any worthyTorah-scholar and offering the position.

What do rabbis wear and why?

Some rabbis, perhaps most, wear a regular suit. Most rabbis wear akippa (cap) and/or a hat. Some Orthodox rabbis wear a longer type of suit (a frock-coat).

Do rabbis have a purpose?

They are expected to be learned in Torah. They are often involvedin teaching, overseeing kosher food production, or providingspiritual leadership.

Who was rabbi yohanan?

There were several sages by that name; one of them (in Tiberias,3rd century CE) collated the Jerusalem Talmud. But the one whomyou're asking about is probably the following: Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai (1st century CE), disciple of Hillel,found favor in the eyes of the Roman leader Vespasian, for a rea ( Full Answer )

Is Jesus a rabbi?

Jesus was called a Rabbi. The word Rabbi was used by the Jews as a term of respect to their teachers and spiritual instructors. But we know that Jesus is and was much more than just a teacher. He was the Messiah sent by God to save His people. When the Jews rejected Jesus as their Messiah God turne ( Full Answer )