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Q: How do you activate GameShark 2 for ps2?
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What are the GameShark codes for Mercenaries 2 on ps2?


How do you activate the gnome in Sims 2 on ps2?

you have a donkeys

Will final fantasy ps1 GameShark codes work on a ps2 GameShark?

there wouldn't be PS1 codes on a ps2 gameshark but since ps1 games work on ps2 you might be able to download ps1 cheats onto ps2 gameshark but it is doughtful since ps1 and ps2 gamesharks and gameshark codes are probably differant format

Is there invicibility or infit MP for kingdom hearts 2 for ps2?

You can only activate a Infinite Health or an Infinite MP cheat if you hack with a GameShark. There is a separate cheat for Infinite Health (Gummi).

Why won't the Gameshark work for my PS2?

Gamesharks are like games there are some for the ps2, xbox, gamecube and gameboy check to see if your gameshark is for the ps2

Can PS3 activate PS2 games?

PS3 does not have the ability to play (activate) PS2 games.

What are GameShark codes for ps2?

Go to the gameshark site it's

Which is better for ps2 console Gameshark or an Action Replay?

gameshark by a mile

Is there a GameShark that works with ps2 and gba?

No there is not

Can you use a ps1 GameShark on a ps2?


Can you use a gameshark for the PS1 on the ps2?


How do you activate cheats for GameShark pro for Game Boy color?

You press A on the cheat you wish to activate and the gameshark will say cheat entered.

How do you cheat on Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix?

1.go to ebay gameshark for ps2 it 4.when it comes 5.put gameshark in ps2 [warning: this might ruin your ps2] 6.load gameshark 7. go to cheats and find kingdom hearts 2 final mix+ if the gameshark does not have the game go online and search at google kingdom hearts 2 final mix+ gameshark codes and you must have a mastercode for your codes to work

Does a ps1 GameShark work in a PS2 playing PS2 games?

I don't think it can even work in a PS2 playing PS1 games... But a PS1 Gameshark in a PS2 playing PS2 games will definitely NOT work.

What store sells GameShark?

go to best buy that is where i got my ps2 gameshark.

How do you do cheats on GameShark discs on ps2?

i don't know, but whatever you do, don't use gameshark, it screws up the ps2 DVD player

How do you cheat a ps2 without GameShark?

You can't

What is a GameShark and how much is it?

gameshark is a machine you attach to the ps2 and you can type in cheat codes.The gameshark can be 30-100 dollars.Depends where you buy it.

What are the Gameshark codes for Dragon Ball Z Infinite World for PS2?

there are no gameshark codes for ps2there is only action replay max codes for ps2

Where do you get a GameShark for a PS2?

it says here you get it at gamestop or ebey

Will ps2 gameshark accept PS1 codes?

Um, NO

Can you use a ps2 game shark on a PS3?

AnswerNo. You can only use PS3 type games on the PS3 because the PS2 gameshark discs are formatted to only be used on the PS2 and PS1Yes. I did, I have a 60gig ps3 and I used my ps2 gameshark for final fantasy 12i bought the ps2 gameshark and it didnt work on my ps3 80gb neither did downloaded copies of codbreaker

Will a U.S PS2 gameshark work on an Australian PS2?

No it won't because you'll be a playstation chip

Where can you buy a Gameshark for the PS2 for 20 or less?

You can get one at

Can you use a ps2 GameShark on ps1 games?

obviously. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!1