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I thought that i had sign in my power up rewards card. But when i try to get in to see it i can't get in on it in any way.

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โˆ™ 2013-03-23 22:46:30
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Q: How do you activate a powerup rewards card?
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How do you activate your game card?

get on powerup reward

What is the Gamestop powerup rewards pro card for?

The pro card is for gaining points on your card and using them for products

Why won't my GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Card activate I know i have to go to the website and stuff but when i go 2 activate it using all the correct information it says its been already activated?

Sorry, I don't have an answer but I have the same problem. Someone please help!

How do you get points on your Gamestop powerup rewards card?

you canget points by buying anythin from gamestop if you tell them to scan it when you purchase your item

Can you use part of your powerup card for store credit then get the rest in cash at gamestop?

No - the balance will remain in the powerup card.

Can you trade games for games at game stop?

In a manner of speaking yes, you take a game and they give you store credit, instead of cash, the value increases if you have a powerup rewards card or a PRO rewards card, you get more if you trade in for store credit than for cash.

Do you need Xbox Live for Gamestop PowerUp rewards?

No, considering Gamestop PowerUp rewards has nothing to do with JUST Xbox - it covers other consoles as well and I believe it's for games (to get discounts or something). So no, I do not believe people are required to have Xbox Live membership for that.

How do you Activate your NFinanse card?

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How do you change your email on the power up rewards?

Log into your account from the Gamestop website, in the Powerup section. Once in, go to REWARDS ACCOUNT. From there, you can change the email address connected to your account.

Can a speedway rewards card be used at circle k?

Yes a credit card can not a rewards card

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