What Stores Can I Use The Gamestop Credit Card in?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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The GameStop Power Up Rewards Card is a store card that can only be used at GameStop locations. The interest rate is nearly 27%. Yikes!!

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Q: What Stores Can I Use The Gamestop Credit Card in?
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Can you use your Gamestop Edge card to buy items in the store?

Well, that depends on what you mean. The Gamestop Edge card is not a credit card, so in that way you cannot use it to pay for anything. It also can only be used in a Gamestop store, not at the grocery store or something. It does give you a discount on used games at Gamestop though, so if you are paying with a credit card or with cash and buying used games, you can use your Edge card to get a discount.

Can you use your Gamestop edge card on playstation network?

Afraid not my friend. The GameStop Edge Discount card is only good in GameStop/EB Games stores or online at

Can you use part of your powerup card for store credit then get the rest in cash at gamestop?

No - the balance will remain in the powerup card.

Can you add funds to your Nintendo account with a gamestop gift card?

Yes, you can use the GameStop card to buy eShop credit which is an indirect way of adding money to your Nintendo Account

Can you use your abercrombie credit card at hollister stores?


Where can you use your dell credit card?

I called. You can only use Dell credit on their website (or over the phone) & NOT in stores.

Is your credit card needed to play farmville?

No, your credit card isn't needed. BUT, if you want to buy FarmCash you will probably have to use your credit card. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------actually they just made a farmville game card that you can buy Farm cash/coins with at Gamestop and probably other places

Do all online stores use online credit card processing?

Mostly all online stores use online credit card processing. Some actually offer you to use your credit card through a more secure company called PayPal. I also understand that some online stores are now excepting debit cards of a form of payment.

What kind of credit card you use in gas station?

It depends on the stores policy.

What credit card banks does Best Buy use?

Yes, Best Buy does have its own store credit card that consumers can apply for. Most large department stores and electronics stores have their own store credit cards.

Does the Kohls Credit card only work in store?

The Kohl's credit card only works in Kohls. It is not a major credit card and therefore can only be used at that store. Other credit cards are available for use at other stores.

Can you use a Gamestop card for runescape membership?

I dont think you can.Maybe if you didnt use a new gamestop card you could maybe trade it for a runescape membership card.