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DHCP client is active by default when TCP/IP is bound to an adapter.

DHCP server needs to be installed and configured separately.

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Q: How do you activate the DHCP on a PC?
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Describe the process of installing a DHCP server in an?

WIndows and non-Windows systems install DHCP in different ways, but the basic idea is the same group of steps:Add the DHCP service role to the systemActivate the serviceAdd the scope of IP addresses and exclusions to the DHCP serviceActivate the scopeOff you go - addresses!

What is dhcp service?

DHCP stands for "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol". In Dhcp service you have to first make a DHCP server now its Server duty to provide an IP Address to each PC connect to it via network

Why do you have to activate a DHCP scope?

A DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) scope defines the valid pool of IP addresses that can be assigned to the network. You need to activate a DHCP scope so that the IP addresses that are issued (or leased) to the client devices will be compatible with the network configuration. If a client is issued an invalid IP address it will not be able to communicate on the network.

What is the difference between RARP and DHCP protocols?

RARP help the PC to find its MAC address in the same network from the RARP Server.RARP Serveronly providethe IP adress to the PC by remembering its MAC.DHCP works on the same way but DHCP Server provide the PC its IP address, Subnetmask, Default Gateway and DNS Server etc...So the big difference is DHCP provide more information than your RARP Server.

How create dhcp scope?

After installing the DHCP role, you configure a scope by giving it an IP address range, possible exclusions, and any scope options to be given out to clients. Then, you activate the scope, and you are done.

How do i activate windows xp on my Desktop PC?

Run windows updates, it will prompt you to activate it.

Troubleshooting for 169 ip address?

169.x.x.x is an IP address that is assigned to your PC if it cannot receive an address from a DHCP server. You usually get this IP if your PC cannot reach your DHCP server (typically your Internet modem/router/firewall) because of a network problem. Check that your PC has a link to the network.

Using the control panel to install dhcp configure and activate dhcp with a scope of?

DHCP has to be configured by using the DHCP snap-in MMC console. This is under the Administrative Tools once DHCP has been installed. In Windows Server 2008 you add the Role, so it isn't installed via the Control Panel at all. For configuring the scope, you need to specify the address ranges to give out, any exclusions, and scope options for default gateway, etc.

How do you activate bluetooth in Asus Eee PC 1001ha?

The asus eee pc 1001ha does not have Bluetooth.

What are the steps in the DORA DHCP process?

DHCP (D)iscoverDHCP (O)fferDHCP (R)equestDHCP (A)ck

After your router is configured as DHCP server you can configure each PC on your network to use dynamic IP addressing.?

Yes, you can.

What ports are used by dhcp and the DHCP client?

The port 67 and port 68 are used by DHCP and the DHCP clients.

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How do you activate a cheat in ded space2 PC?

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Does the dhcp server have to be activated to issue leases to dhcp clients?

dhcp has to be authorized

What is the use of a DHCP relay agent?

The use of a DHCP relay agent is an agent that relays DHCP between DHCP clients and DHCP servers on different IP networks. The DHCP relay agent is compliant with RFC 1542.

A system is currently having Public ip address How can you assign it to private ip address?

You have to install a router with a DHCP server option on. In that way the public address will be assign to the router and your PC will get a private ip address from the DHCP server.

If a PC has a DHCP lease of one day how long in minutes after obtaining that lease will this workstation attempt to renew it?

DHCP will request a refresh at the half-life of the lease time. So, in your case, 12 * 60 mins, or 720 minutes.

How do you get your iPad up and running?

Connect it to a Mac or PC with iTunes installed and Activate it.

What is the default port number DHCP?

(DHCP) Dynamic host Configuration Protocol. The Default Port Number is: for DHCP client : 546 for DHCP server : 547

In a domain installations of DHCP require the authorization of the dhcp server before IP addresses can be allocated True or False?

yes DHCP require the authorization of the dhcp server before IP addresses can be allocated because until we authorize DHCP server the network does not know who is the dhcp server for the subnet. The DHCP server broadcasts the information to all.

A PC obtains its ip address from a dhcp server if the PC is taken off the network for repair what happens to the ip address configuration?

It's beauty of DHCP servers that you don't need to worry about your IP settings. Nothing will happend to your ip address configuration. But you might get another ip address when you next time connect your PC to the network. It's not a big deal unless you are using ip address in the Remote Desktop Manager.

What step is this dhcp discovery dhcp offer dhcp request dhcp acknowledge?

Those are the four phases of acquiring an IP address via DHCP. More information would be needed to indicate which of the 4 phases are being used at this point.

What is the Linux command to consult a DHCP server?


What command create DHCP address pool on a router?

router (config)# ip dhcp servicerouter (dhcp-config)# ip dhcp pool router (dhcp-config)# network