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A typical motion detector has three wire on it. Black, White and Red. To install this on an outside light it get wired as follows. The White wire is the Neutral. It gets attached to the White feed wire and the white wire that hoed to the light. The Black wire feed power to the motion detector. It attached to the Black feed wire coming from the house. The Red wire on the motion detector is the switched wire. It get attached to the black wire coming from the light fixture. -------- Is the existing light fixture a decorative one? I ask because having been in security biz for long time, it's important to know the difference YOU WANT in your motion light (from a regular decorative fixture.) The purpose of a motion sensored light - for security purposes - is to startle the perp. when a bright light suddenly shines on him. You want him to think you're inside and you turned the light on him so he will run for the hills. Criminals don't like to get caught in the spot light or encounter homeowners. So that light should be VERY Bright and light up the space like daytime. You need a bright flood light, directed to cover a specific entrance area or door. You want it pointed down over the area so he is forced to put himself right where the light will hit him which is going to be close to the door or entrance he plans on using to enter the house. If light shines up and across a distance, it is easy to duck under it and move among the shadows. Any other type of fixture will not give you the results you want.

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Q: How do you add a motion sensor to an existing outdoor light fixture?
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How do you turn a light sensor back on?

how do you turn a light sensor on, on a outdoor wall light fixture

Where is the best place to put an outdoor motion sensor lighting?

The best places to put an outdoor motion sensor lighting are usually the places where one goes by in the night, such as the way from the garage to the frontdoor.

Where can one purchase outdoor motion sensor lights?

Depending on you country of residence, one can purchase outdoor motion sensor lights in local hardware stores, lighting shops and large shop chains such as Walmart and Asda.

Can you have 2 motion sensors on one electrical circuit For example a lamp post and wall lantern are controlled by one light switch will a motion sensor work?

Each fixture will have to have it's own motion sensor, then yes it will work.

Why does your outdoor dusk to dawn light keep going off?

Check to see if the fixture has a sensitivity setting or switch. Perhaps it needs to be adjusted or set correctly? I'm looking for the proper settings for mine now. Here is THE ANSWER: The photo cell that senses light and darkness is sensing the light coming from the fixture being controlled. Reposition the sensor away from the light of the fixture. Or shield the sensor from the light. Ideally the sensor should be located away from the light source.

Where can outdoor sensor lights be purchased from?

Outdoor sensor lights can be purchased at most home improvement stores. Home Depot and Lowe's both sell outdoor sensor lights in their stores and online.

Why does an energy saving light bulb with a light sensor stay on in daylight?

The sensing unit on the fixture is thinking that it is night time. If your fixture has a switch before the light, that has to be left on for the sensor to work, try the following. Turn the fixture off with the switch and leave it off for about ten minutes. Turn the switch back on and the fixture will turn on. If the sensor circuitry is working the fixture will turn off after your "delay on" setting is reached. If there is no switch before the fixture check to see if the sensor has been covered, fooling the sensor into thinking it is night time. If it is a hollow tube type sensor, sometimes hornets will lay an egg in there and cover the sensor with a mud patch. As a last resort change the sensitivity control so that is senses daylight sooner, allowing the sensor to shut off earlier. If none of the above work its time to buy a new sensor. These can be bought individually and installed into the old fixture.

Does HCL ME X1 Tablet have motion sensor?

yes ! yes ! it has..... G sensor i.e the motion sensor.

Which works better for motion sensor wii or xbox360?

deends do you mean any motion sensor? for either one it is xbox360 it detects your movement and moves the motion sensor to your body

Do you need a separate switch for a sensor light if I am connecting it from an existing light outside?

If you are taking the power from the existing light outside you have to be aware that when that outside light is switched off then the sensor light will not work. Your best choice should be power the sensor light from an un-switched source. This could be an existing receptacle outlet in a nearby location. Check your sensor configuration to see if the device has the function to be locked on and off by interrupting the voltage supply to it. If it does then a switch in its circuit is mandatory to make this function work. If this function is not included in the device then just connect it as the instructions explain and the fixture will come on when it senses movement and go off after a timed interval.

Wiring diagram for a 3way motion light sensor?

wiring diagram for a 3 way motion light sensor

Protect Your Family With An Outdoor Light?

One of the easiest things that you can do to protect your family and property is to install an outdoor light with a motion sensor. Once you install the outdoor light, if any animal or person comes within range of the sensor, the light will turn on. This lets individuals inside the home know that someone is present. Criminals look for houses without adequate outdoor lighting so that they can get in and out of the house without being seen by neighbors. If you install a security light, they will pass your house by and look for a more vulnerable target.