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You can try to copy and paste?

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Q: How do you add a pic to your answers profile?
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How do you change answers picture?

Go to my settings under the My pages option on the right side and then disconnect the account you've linked to Wiki Answers(Facebook,Twitter etc.) Then connect to the site's account whose profile pic you would like to use as Wiki Answers profile pic.For example,if you want to use your facebook account's profile pic as your profile pic of Wiki Answers,connect to Facebook account and that pic will be used as your Answers profile pic.

How do you add a profile pic on this website?

go to your profile then there will be a link that says add photos

How do you add pictures to your gmail?

Picture can be either profile pic or in the mail. For picture in the mail, you can attach it. For profile pic, you can set it from options.

How do i change my profile pic on Answers?

don't know I'm wondering the same thing

How do you put a pic on your Twitter account?

Go to the page where you can edit your profile. You can add a profile photo there what everyone can see.

How can you make a picture from Google your facebook profile picture?

you save it to ur computer than you add it to your profile then you click make profile pic

How do you add a background to your profile on airg?

Under your profile pic keep looking down until u see change them

How do you make your msn profile pic to your facebook profile pic?

you cant

How can you change the little orange man on your WikiAnswers profile?

If you connect your Facebook to your Answers account, your Facebook profile pic will replace the orange man.

How do you add a tagline in your profile on this website?

To add a tagline to your Answers profile:Log in and go to your profile page.Click on "Settings."Add your tagline in the "Tagline" field.Click "Save Changes."

How do you customize your profile pic?


How do you paste a pic?

go on your profile and click edit profile then go on photos and click on the album you would like to add a photo to then click edit album then click add photo and add what ever photo you like

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