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AnswerTo add program to your Startup folder follow the below instructions:

1. Click Start ->Programs, then right click on Startup folder and choose Open.

2. On the Startup window, go to File menu and choose New ->Shortcut.

3. In the dialog box click the Browse button to specify the Task Manager program

4. After specifying the program path, click next and finish. Then you will see a new shortcut in the Startup folder.

5. At the next time you start your computer the program will run automatically and you will see it in the system tray.

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Q: How do you add a program to startup in Windows XP?
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What is the path to the Windows XP startup folder for all users?

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Program\Startup is the Windows XP startup folder for all users.

What tool is not available in Windows Xp to disable a startup program?

Software Explorer

What tool in windows Vista used to temporarily disable a startup program is not available in windows 7 or windows XP?

Software Explorer

What tool in windows vista used to temporarily disable a startup program is not available in windows xp?

You can use Windows Defender to disable programs that run at startup, or using System Configuration.

How do you access xp startup?

No one likes a Windows XP slow startup. When you startup your PCyou want it to be ready to use immediately. I can not make it that fast, but I can help you fix Windows XP slow startup. Click this page and you will get the solution:

After Windows XP has been installed which program would a technician use to select the programs that will run at startup?


How can you decrease booting time of windows XP?

You can improve your booting time of windows xp just by using startup manager.

What is wyshxw exe in the Windows XP Pro startup list?


How do you fix a Slow computer with Windows xp?

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What is the path to the windows xp startup folder for each user?

C:\Documents and Settings\username\StartMenu\Programs\Startup

How do you remove or uninstall a program in Windows XP?

Go to 'Start' - 'Control Panel' - 'Add/Remove Programs'.

What tool in vista used to temporarily disable startup programs is not in xp?

xp and vista have the same tool... start/run type in msconfig go to the startup tab and disable any startup program you want

What does the program Windows Desktop Search do?

The program Windows Desktop Search, as it was known on Windows XP, was a default program on all Windows XP computers that searched your computer for files with a given keyword. The program is now called Windows Search but still does the same basic function.

How can you tell if you have windows XP 32 or XP 64?

If you have Xp 64 then you have 2 program files folders: Program files Program files (x86). Under Xp 32 you have only one program filesfolder: Program files

Where can you download windows maker 2.6 to Windows XP?

You can't have Windows Movie Maker version 2.6 on Xp operating systems. Windows Xp can only load the 2.1 version of the program. Sorry.

Start up CD for windows xp?

The startup CD for Windows XP allows the system to be booted even if the existing operating system is damaged. The CD has diagnostic tools and it allows Windows to be reloaded onto the system.

How do you install Windows 98 software in Windows XP?

By running the setup program.

You can use windows xp to find out what processes are launched at startup and to temporarily disable a process from loading?


Can you use an ms-dos startup disk to launch windows xp recover data files andor recover from a failed installation of windows xp?

Generally speaking, no. Most Windows XP installations are made onto NTFS partitions, which MS-DOS cannot read.

Does windows xp have a Program Data folder?

Normally it does not have it.

How do you uninstall Disney's Tarzan Activity Center from Windows XP when the disk is lost?

For Windows XP. If it is a program that has been installed then you can uninstall it by clicking on your start button, then on your control panel button, then on the "add or remove programs" icon, then find the program you want to uninstall and click on the word "uninstall".

Where is Microsoft Word in the Windows XP program?

Microsoft Word does not typically come included in Windows XP; it must be purchased separately.

Can you get MS Paint 2003 for Windows 7?

There's no such thing as "MS Paint 2003." If you meant the Paint program from Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, yes. Just copy the program from a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 installation to your Windows 7 installation.

How do you change the startup sound in Windows?

You should go to control panel, click sounds, scroll down to Start Windows, aka windows startup sound, then click browse and find a sound that works This works for Xp and 7 I'm not sure how you change the startup sound in Windows Vista or 2000

How do you download vista themes to windows xp?

Try going to, you can either download theme's and manually add them (if you are computer savvy) or buy a program like "windows blinds" that will do it for you.